• Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

5 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram Automation



Automating your Instagram posts is one of the most effective strategies for expanding your brand’s reach and generating new prospects. Keep in mind that automation was not designed to replace social media managers but rather to supplement their efforts. Instagram automation is most useful when it is tailored to your specific needs and those of your brand.


Sometimes it’s hard to locate the Instagram automation examples, tips, and methods that will work best for you or your business. Here are some guidelines to assist you in figuring out which one will bring in the most business.


1. Put The Appropriate Instruments To Use


Investing in efficient equipment can help you save precious time and effort. For instance, you may automate your Instagram direct messages with a service like Instachamp. Automating interactions with your target audience through likes, comments, and replies to article mentions is possible with the aid of a chatbot. By eliminating routine or monotonous chores, your social media manager will have more time to devote to growth campaigns, important jobs, and other projects.


2. Participate With The Robot


The majority of the time, letting your audience know they are dealing with a bot is a good thing. Instagram users often have an excellent sense of whether or not something is authentic. 


If you’re a company or an influencer with a sizable Instagram following, your followers will expect automated responses to their inquiries. What they really want is a simple and quick solution to their issue.


As an illustration, let’s check out Lauren Tickner’s profile. In 2021, Forbes will rank Lauren Ticker as the best business coach in the world. She increases her Instagram leads and directs new followers to the appropriate sales funnel by using MobileMonkey’s auto DM function in her profile.


3. Don’t Spam 


Never forget that the point of social media is to socialize and that people like being able to communicate with others. Spam bots that post generic comments on Instagram, such as “hello” or “great photo,” have given automation a terrible name.


Make the message relevant to the receiver if you want your business to pay attention. A simple “hello” followed by the person’s name might pique their curiosity just enough to hear what you have to say.


4. Amp Up The Participation


You don’t need a lot of followers if all of your followers are actively participating in your posts, but for businesses, having more makes sense because there are more prospective consumers out there. Every day, social media marketers leverage interaction as a growth strategy by taking advantage of a comment-to-direct message call-to-action. Check gram-ozo.com, if you want more engagement to your Instagram stories and engage people to follow your profile. 


Our CEO, Larry Kim, used this very strategy to increase the visibility of his article at no cost to himself. By making comments your primary means of interaction, you may boost engagement and convince Instagram that your posts are top-notch. After that, an algorithm begins promoting your content in the explore feed.


5. Create Now, Save Money Later


Investing in the time to perfect your Instagram automation plan is time well spent in the long run.


The automation created by Lauren Ticker stands as proof. It probably took her a few hours to come up with the content, set up the automation, and include the connections she desired. Though thousands upon thousands of individuals have directly messaged her with the term “Clients,” she hasn’t received any business.


Can you estimate the number of hours she’s saved this month as a result of not having to respond personally to each new lead? How many potential customers have she kept from giving up because of her slow response time?

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