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When you’ve had a soothing bath the next thing you want is a comfy and soft towel to cleanse your body that is, a nice towel. Everyone has his/her take on how their towel should be.

Many don’t pay heed to this but there is a large class of users who want their towel to be the best on each parameter like comfort, ease to wash and dry, and the ability to cleanse.

Towels are an integral part of everyone’s healthy and clean life. It’s often associated with hygiene and cleanliness. So, you must give thought to having the best cotton towel for your needs.

An ideal towel should be a quick dryer, comfortable and soft plus it should absorb water perfectly and keep you thoroughly clean.

There are many types like wash clothes, hand towels, bath sheets, etc. Depending upon your need these pieces of cloth are categorized like that. But the basic common thing is that it should be able to keep you dry and clean.

One type of cloth is used to dry off your hands and face while the more common types are towels that you need post showering.

Let’s take a look at the factors you should weigh while choosing your towel.

The Material Used

Most of the best quality towels are made of cotton which is a soft and cleanable material. Though the percentage of cotton used varies, towels made of 100% cotton are widely preferred.

This material is known for its durability and luxuriousness. There are also polyester blend towels that have a lesser price tag and lesser luxuriousness than the 100% cotton type.

But when it comes to softness and more absorbent properties then cotton towels pass the test. So, whenever you want to decide on the right towel for your needs, you should prefer cotton towels.

The Right Finishing

How the cotton has been spun decides the functionality and usage of the towels. Finely woven cotton fabric tends to be more comfortable and softer. The kind of design that gets depicted on the towel also matters for many.

Any image or picture or just the quirky design makes the towel likable or dislikable.

Weight Matters

Many prefer lightweight towels but if you want your towel to be more absorbent and softer then somewhat weighted towels are the right choice for you.

Too many weighted towels are a big no considering the difficulty in usage. Many luxurious towels that you may have used at any hotel come in the mid-weight category and are best when it comes to comfort and softness.

Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of your towel matters and also the way it is stitched and woven is also of prime importance. Some of the towels may project some theme like an image or poster covering the entire towel. Also, the look of the fabric gives a pleasant feel.

The type of material used decides the visual appeal. Generally pure cotton fabric towels look entirely good.

The Various Types

Depending upon the usage, the towels are categorized. These are:

The Common Bath Towel

This is the common type and widely used. The main peculiarity is the comfort and absorbing capacity. These towels have various styles and designs and you have ample choices to select from.

The Face Towel

These towels are smaller in size and are only used to clean your hands and face. These can be made from different types of material and the comforts and softness vary from cloth to cloth.

The Gym Towel

These kinds of towels are mostly made from softer material and are meant to soak more sweat and water. These towels tend to be easily dryable and lightweight.


When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, towels are an inseparable part of everyday routine. The material used varies from cloth to cloth. But towels that are made from 100% cotton are widely preferred.

Based on your requirement you can decide upon the kind of towel that you want. There are various types available for men, women, and kids towels and each type has a distinct usage defined.

It becomes difficult to choose from the varied available options. This article is meant to help you in knowing everything about towels and their types.

Hope you liked it.

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