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Advertising: the first questions to ask before investing in an advertising campaign


Sep 10, 2020

So, you’ve got a product to sell, or maybe even a brand new service to promote, the likes of which the world has never seen before! You feel like getting on the highest rooftop and shouting your heart out “Look at this! This is amazing! Buy it before it’s too late!!!” But, then the question becomes, how do you go about it? Do you literally do what we just described here? Of course not. And especially in the digital age, all you need is a way to make your content go viral in some way, shape or form so that people just come rushing to your stores, your website, your social media outlets to avail the product or service you are offering to the absolute fullest! As you can see, all of this sounds more like a fantasy than a reality. But that doesn’t mean that fantasies like these can’t become a reality for many. All made possible with one powerful tool…called advertising. Now, the first question, and it’s a pretty big one, that arises is, how do you go about it? How do you go about making your company from a needle in a haystack of countless competitors in the same industry, all vying for a similar demographic of customers, to a household name that everyone immediately associates with the kind of product you are selling in the market? Well, as far as advertising goes, it’s all about asking the right question, and also being the provider of the right answer to those questions. So let’s see what those ‘right’ questions are, that one must ask before starting an advertising campaign in order to promote their products or services, no matter the medium: 1. Why? Why are we saying it? Why do we wish to speak of our brand, our product? Why does a company exist in the first place? These seemingly stupid questions become extremely important in a hurry when you wish to communicate the same to a large amount of people, probably in the hundreds of millions, if not in billions. So, it is absolutely essential to know why you wish to advertise your products and/or services in the first place! 2. What? What do we say? This means figuring out the communication. Figuring out what exactly to say to the people. Be it through just the visuals, just the words, or both. This stage involves communicating precisely what the brand stands for, what it represents and what it wants consumers to engage in. The ‘what’ is the first and most important thing for a brand to express. 3. How? How do we say it? This stage goes into a little bit more detail. It involves laying out a roadmap of how one is actually going to execute the ideas we have already thought of. This means figuring out the medium, the time frame, and other more minute details which are essential to the making the final execution as smooth and as seamless as possible. 4. Who? Who do we say it to? Next, the thing to know is whom are we talking to. Who are our audience, or, more exactly, the potential consumers we are looking to convert into paying consumers for our brand in the long-term. The ‘who’ in this equation might completely change ‘what’ that brand actually ends up saying, both impolicitly and explicitly, to its consumers. 5. When? When do we say it? This, as is most obvious, talks about time. When exactly do we say what we have to say? It all depends on the ‘what’. Is this the right time to say this thing? Is this a time to do a single ad or a series of ads? Questions like these are tackled constantly when one is thinking of the time fram within which to release content about their brands, and of course, it is different for different mediums. 6. Where? Where do we say it? This, though similar to the ‘how’, it is just a little bit more. This stage involves detailing the exact nature of ‘where’ exactly the ad should land. For example, if we have chosen a certain digital platform, the further choice to be made is whether the ad will be exclusively on the mobile version of the website, or be published on the desktop version as well. 1. If you need top-notch Social Media Marketing Services, we have the expertise and experience required to make your brand have a digital footprint across platforms that it truly meant to last. Or, it could be that you need the absolute best PPC company in Delhi. Well, in that case, our agency is one SEO services company in Gurgaon that offers the best PPC services in Gurgaon, which in turn, will lead to your brand becoming a household name with immense online traffic coming its way every single day.

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