• Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

AI-powered attendance system for happier and productive employees


Oct 23, 2022

 In a hybrid working world where Work From Home keeps becoming a stronger reality, our AI-based face recognition attendance system helps create the right platform to enable a real and substantial ‘work from anywhere’ culture from organisations across industries.

Introducing the Enalytix EX mobile app for time-tracking and productivity. A disruptive, AI-based time and attendance mobile app that is determined to go beyond whatever conventional biometric systems have to offer. It incorporates a host of collaboration and productivity features that help organisations across industries create an atmosphere that is truly conducive to ‘work from anywhere’ culture. The solution works well across industries and workforce types. Enalytix EX App is a more comprehensive, cohesive and convenient tool for Human Resource Management Systems that offers more than just ‘time in ‘ and ‘time out’ features and helps organisations manage the time of workforces in a hybrid world, drive productivity with AI-based tools, all while fostering a culture of collaboration, sharing and employee recognition across all managerial levels, i.e., from floor manager level to top-level management.

The Enalytix uses face detection, face recognition, spoof detection, geotagging, geofencing, integrated shift, leave and overtime management, AI-based task management, and auto-timesheets, chats and company broadcasts. Let’s look at some of the key advantages of the App that make it a smart tech investment for your organisation:

• Cost-effectiveness: The EX mobile app does not require any additional hardware, i.e., no fingerprint scanners or any extra hardware installation for the office.

• Security: All data recorded via the app is stored in-cloud through end-to-end encryption. This makes all records as secure as they can get with current technology.

• Easy deployment It is easy to deploy and adopt: o Step 1: Subscribe and download the app from the Play Store o Step 2: Register employees o Step 3: Start recording your attendance • Flexibility: The app semalessly integrates with existing Human Resource Management Systems or Payroll systems your organisation might have in place.

• Real-time transparency: Finally, the app provides both employees and supervisors with realtime web and mobile dashboards to view timesheets. With this tool, employees can view their own attendance, tasks and timesheets and ensure that everything is in order. Also, supervisors can more easily manage the attendance issues (if any) for their team as they get a more comprehensive picture of the same. It’s time to take productivity to the next level with Enalytix’s powerful AI-based facial recognition system