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Beaute Espace Presents Growing Together in COVID Times

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At the beginning of this year, the world was plunged into a crisis never seen before in modern times. Now after several months of living through a pandemic, we are learning to survive it. From industry to industry, the ‘new normal’ has similarities and differences; but hope and happiness remain a staple requirement to win this challenge.

With the motto of ‘Together we can’, Beaute Espace Media  spoke to salon owners about how they are keeping spirits high and supporting their staff during these trying times.

Deepak Jalhan, Creative Director & Educator – LOOKS Privé

Supporting the Staff

“I believe in spreading happiness year-round, every day but yes, during this pandemic, we have done a lot to maintain the happiness of my team and clients, as happiness is the key to faith and positivity.

The COVID times are new to everyone and we are all doing our best. Nobody could imagine that the world would come to a standstill. But we are together in this and we will come out stronger and better.”

Spreading Happiness

“I have taken care of supporting them in maintaining mental health and positivity. I have done my best in terms of financial support as well while keeping them busy through learning and online training. We did a few sessions for our clients and followers on how to maintain their hair at home and also provided home care.”

Zakir Ali Khan, Founder – Creme Salon by Zakir Khan

Supporting the Staff

“During these COVID times, I am trying to do my bit to spread happiness by speaking kind and positive words to all. My conversations have a lot of gratitude expressed. I also try to appreciate them for the work they have done no matter how small. I feel it simply turns a normal day to a happy day for them.”

Spreading Happiness

“I have put in a lot of emphasis on individually speaking to my employees, to understand what challenges they may be facing. Trying to make them understand how COVID-19 has changed the circumstances and so have the requirements. I have provided my employees with resources that range from counseling services to financial aid. Have hosted virtual sessions with them to ensure their mental, emotional & financial wellbeing.”

Dipali Mathur Dayal, Co-Founder – Magnifique Luxury Boutique Salon

Supporting the Staff

“Our staff has been with us for over 5 years now and we have supported each other through thick and thin. At a time, like this, when our industry is suffering at large, we are there for each other and the support is not just from us to them; it comes from them to us too. It’s ironic that while the business is lesser, our operational costs on disposables, PPE kits, and other sanitization equipment have gone up. But everyone has understood this and taken it in their stride and cut down on everything else that we could to ensure we don’t compromise on safety and client experience.”

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