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As we all know social media is now in the inner part of life. Everyone is very fond of using social media platforms. On Twitter we follow many people and communicate with them, a few of them are still active and some people stop using it.

So there are some Twitter unfollow tools for the Twitter user, stop following those who are not following you, and many more. 

However, remember one thing that unfollows Twitter users who are inactive because they increase the count of Twitter users that we are following and they rarely give some fruitful information to us. 




Circleboom gives you bright insights for your social circle to boosting it by recommending who to unfollow. It shows “who are not following you back,” counterfeit profiles, spammers, and inactive accounts as the ones you ought to consider unfollowing. 

You can even erase old tweets, retweets, likes, and Twitter archives in a few clicks. The best part is managing your Twitter lists, you can simply create this task by using “select all” and “make a new Twitter list or add the existing one feature on Twitter”. 

The amazing characteristics of Circleboom are connecting your RSS feed to your Twitter account. After you add your feed, Circleboom will drive traffic to your website page via your Twitter accounts. If you find a tool to clean up your Twitter account, Circleboom review is that fulfils your demands.


Manage Filter 


It is a one-stop solution tool for Twitter management. Firstly move to the home of Manage Filter and login with your account. It catches all the data from your Twitter profile of those who are not following you back. After that choose the batch beta from the right side.

As you on the option it will show you the option to choose all the Twitter account at once for unfollowing them. The amazing feature of the Manage filter is Twitter follower bio, location, language, followers, or also you can see if he is following you back or not without checking his profiles. 




iUnfollow is another amazing free Twitter unfollow tool which you can use automatically to unfollow everyone with one click. After login, it will show the dashboard of your followers, select and click on Non – follow back so you can unfollow non – followers. With its free version, you can unfollow 50 users daily, and also it has a premium plan for advanced features. 




CrowdFire is also known as “JustUnfollow” which is an automatic unfollow Twitter app that is used to unfollow non – followers. You can check who is following you back and it makes it easy to manage your Twitter profiles and now you unfollow on Twitter free.

When you want to grow your Twitter profile naturally fast you will need to utilize tool like Crowdfire. 




If you are in search of the best Twitter unfollow app, Tweepi is to track or clean your Twitter account. The artificial intelligence in the Twitter tool works fantastic in which you can know who has unfollowed me on Twitter. It will search inactive, fake, and irrelevant accounts. These tools help you in erasing fake accounts but also to grow your brands.


Unfollower Stats


Unfollower stats are the best free Twitter unfollower tools, which you can use to clean your non – active followers. If you using this tool you can find your Twitter unfollowers and see your follow/unfollow stats.  

Over to You!

Over 320 million users from all around the world Twitter is hard to ignore. Whether you are running a small business or a big one, Twitter is a great platform to find the right audience for you. In fact, people who have an interest in your product and services are already looking for you, you just need to show yourself to them. This is the reason big brands have a team that consistently engaging with their existing clients.

Twitter unfollow tools are a great way to remove inactive/spam and fake followers who are not adding any value to your profiles. These tools suggest the people who have the same interest as you and sharing the same types of content as you are sharing. Additionally, it saves your time and efforts to eliminate fake profiles. You can unfollow people by using keywords and their activity.