If you really think about it, the kitchen and the living room are two of the most important spaces in the house. The amount of time we spend in these rooms – it is only normal that we clad it right with the right choice of wall and floor tiles. It might sound like a simple task but is easier said than done. It should be planned and approached in a structured manner because otherwise you can either go overboard with it and it might turn into a less than satisfactory ordeal. Underwhelming decoration will also cost you a lot more money, time and effort which can be avoided if you just do a little light reading before diving in.

This article aims at helping you unravel and disentangle the complexity that comes with multiple tile options. It is easy to be spoilt or choice so the following ideas should help you collect your ideas and implement them in a structured fashion. So if you want great ideas for tiles for living room and kitchen, read on.


Try these tile ideas for the walls and floors of your kitchen and living room


There are so many different approaches that you can take that one can never decide where to start. However, we have curated a really practical list of ideas that you can incorporate and get really amazing results:


  1. As for the kitchen, a really popular way to go is mix it up with wooden tiles with porcelain or solid ceramic tiles. This way, you get to balance out the texture of the wooden tiles with a darker shade of the porcelain tiles or if you have opted for a lighter shade of wooden tiles for the floor in the kitchen, you can pair it up with ceramic tiles on the wall and for a backsplash. You can use the same for the island design as well or you can opt for a different quality of tile.
  2. For the living room, it is advisable to opt for a look that you would be okay to live with so go for something neutral so that your furniture and their hues don’t bounce off of it. Since the living room is also the space where we tend to entertain most of our guests, you can either go for a more neutral look or something absolutely neutral or really spunky. For the neutral look, you can go for large sized porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles and for the wall you can install limestone tiles or marble tiles. Or you can go for a combination of porcelain tiles and marble tiles to make things pop.
  3. If you want a soft look that allows you to play around with a lot of pop colours throughout the living room, then you can install limestone tiles on the floor or the walls. Either way, you can pair it up with cement tiles with interesting patterns. This doesn’t steal from the beauty of subtlety of limestone tiles but adds a different facet to the entire living space. If done tastefully, it can really create something really gorgeous.
  4. Granite Tiles – The kitchen will observe decent footfall which means that the flooring needs to be durable and nothing says durable like granite tiles. They come in various textures, designs and hues so you have a lot of options to avail. As for the countertops, the island design and the backsplash, you can go for a calacatta marble or a black marble to create a contrast.


Your kitchen and your living room are two really important spaces in your house. Considering the fact that you spend a lot of time in them and get important work done in both rooms, you need to make sure that you decorate these two rooms with extra care. You can visit NEOM’s website and get a number of different options for wall tiles for living room, all at really affordable rates.