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Broadloom Carpets in India: Leading with Sustainable and Innovative Developments


Aug 31, 2020 ,
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    Since you are reading this post, must say you are one of the most inquisitive people in the world of floorings. This blog will give you a quick walkthrough of the recent sustainability concerns being taken care of in the Broadloom Industry.

    The word Broadloom signifies the carpets woven on relatively larger width looms. The history dates long back to 1839, when Erastus Bigelow invented the power looms to weave carpets (Avalon Flooring, n.d.). The antique loom can now be found in the Smithsonian Institution. The journey of Broadloom commenced in a full-fledged form after invention of Wilton Looms.

    Today the industry deals with Axminister looms, huge set-up of machine tufted and modernized versions of Wilton looms. The designs woven on these looms ranges from a flatwoven carpet rolls with irresistible weave designs to high pile voluminous shaggy. You can even get to see huge artistic Broadloom rolls with magnificent designs tufted to form a roll. The broadloom carpets are used for large space installation and even for cut-to size carpets

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    The word Sustainability was not even spoken or known before 1970, there has been a tremendous increase in the usage of this word in current scenario. Speaking of the progression of Broadloom Carpets in India, Ambadi Enterprises Ltd is one of those in the carpet Industry who started with Broadloom in Panipat. Today, Ambadi ranks in the top 10 broadloom carpet manufacturers in the world after major players like Mohawk, Balta and Shaw. The data driven research was concluded by Cognitive Market Research in the field of Broadloom carpet manufacturing for the year 2019-20.

    It is rightly said that an art in a nutshell can be only described by three words- Yes, No and WOW!!

    Have a look at their In-house production process of Broadloom Carpets delivering Quality and Trust with each Roll. The process covers yarn sourcing to finishing and final quality inspection of rolls.

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    The innovation focuses on usage of high-quality yarns with extra edge durability and shine. The yarn selection process should always reiterate on the end usage of the products. Commercial projects need durable and resilience yarn like Nylon/Polyamide. Few also use filament polyester to give the shine element.

    The Dyeing requires sustainable innovation techniques wherein azo-free dyes are used which causes no harm to the environment. The electricity generation also should focus on renewable sources of energy.

    Handloom weaving technique used in India not only provides the finest handmade textures, but also helps in contributing to the economy. Handloom weavers continue to reign the weaving process in Broadloom Industry as well. The best of ideas given by the Designers come into life in just a flick of seconds.

    It’s just not Weaving.. Innovation precedes even in the Finishing and Latexing processes. The humungous customised drying chambers for Rolls give the best surface finish with zero tuft withdrawal.

    AMBADI RUGS is one of the largest Broadloom Exporter in India. Their State-of-the-art facility in Panipat and Bhadohi focuses on delivering quality products without any compromise.


    AMBADI, Golden Thread of Trust never fails to deliver Quality.

    Our latest listed Certification of GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard is a step forward to SUSTAINABLE AND GREEN future. Products certified by GOTS ensures organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer

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