• Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Buy Pgimer Protocols Online for Better Health Care Management of Pediatric Patients 

buy PGIMER Protocols Books

All pediatric wards require a set of guidelines which must be adhered by both doctors and nursing staff for precise and prompt decision making. A carefully designed protocol book offers better quality care to children and keeps the welfare of the children in mind.  Updated management protocols for pediatric emergencies have been included in the third edition of PGIMER protocols book that can be of great help to medical professionals. 

This set of management protocols contains contributions from experienced medical professionals who have had years of experience behind them. Pediatric experts, medical professionals and child care experts will find it useful to deal with medical emergencies.

This book has been written in a simple and lucid language for the better understanding of medical professionals.  Management protocols for diabetic ketoacidosis have also been included in this latest edition. You can Buy PGIMER Protocols Online from the secure platform of ijppediatricsindia.in at a discounted price.

 In addition to this book, their website also offers pediatric books on different topics.  Their online platform offers multiple payment options to buyers in the form of both debit as well as credit card. Further, you can also transfer the money to their bank account in order to buy this book.  If you are in urgent need of this book and want to get it delivered to your doorstep, then you must select the courier delivery option. Their  courier partners will ensure that the book reaches the doorstep of the buyers in a nicely wrapped packing.  In addition to the courier delivery option, you can also choose a normal delivery service which will ensure that the book reaches the doorstep of the buyers within 7-10 days. Child health policy makers, practicing pediatricians, medical staff and other members of the medical fraternity can buy PGIMER Protocols Books online from their user-friendly website at a lesser price than any physical book store.

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