• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Creative: the artful half of advertising

What is an ad? That’s a question, if asked, most of us would say something like “something that I see on TV” or “something that comes before every single one of my YouTube videos”, or maybe even to some “something that pops up every single time I open up a free app.” While all that is a 100% true, it is only half of the truth when it comes to advertising, even when it comes to consumers. The seconds half of the answers to the question “What is an ad?” would look something like this “I saw the ad and brought that shoe.” or “I saw an ad and tried out that restaurant for the very first time.” The impact of advertisements on consumers is two-fold. Firstly, it makes people aware of the products and services that are going around in the market. Secondly, it creates a buzz around the said product/service. As a result, that specific product or service becomes much more than just that, it becomes conversation. A conversation that people are constantly having, a conversation that has the ability to become the “hot topic” of the concerned industry as a whole.

But, how is the end result created? What exactly goes into creating the final “product” that people come to know and love. What exactly goes into making an ad? Well, while the answer for that is indeed quite complex, the most important thing to know is about the general structure of what is called the creative department in any advertising agency. Now, the creative department in an advertising agency does exactly what it sounds like, take care of the creative aspects of any and every ad the agency creates. The creative department is responsible for many things. For starters, the members of the creative department are the ones who are responsible for thinking and coming up with ideas on how one should go about advertising a particular brand. Be it online, in print, on television, or any other medium, each and every brand’s needs are thought of and then a plan is created on how to optimally execute those ideas so that one can achieve the best form of communication for the brand. The creative department is further divided into two major sub-departments; art and copy.

The art department, again, is exactly what it sounds like. Its members are responsible for creating the “artistic” work of any ad. This could be in the form of a hoarding, posters, social media posts, online ads, and even audio/visual films for television and online video platforms. They are the people responsible for choosing the best visual (and maybe, even audio/visual) medium for the intended communication to go through. The copy department, on the other hand, consists of the people who are the ones behind writing for any ad. Across mediums, almost every ad needs a few words to make them connect with the consumers who are seeing, reading, or especially hearing it on mediums like the radio. It is the combination and harmony of these two art and copy parts of a creative whole that any ad can be successfully created. They come together to work towards a common goal and create the best ads with the most optimal visual and words for purposes of any and all types, needs and forms of communication.

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