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Dress Up Your Balcony In 2022 With These Garden Designs

Balcony gardens are a simple, easy and cost-effective way to spruce up your balcony. More importantly, they make us believe in intangibles and how everyday sights and green can bring so much happiness into our lives. When it comes to choosing the best type of effective Balcony gardens, Flats in Calicut come with several recommendations

Gardens have always been built outside the home. They lift the mood of the space, brighten it up and afford a large canvas to grow a variety of plants and vegetables. With the lack of space, gardens began to be taken inside the home, overlooking the window sill, in spots where the sun streamed in and even bedrooms and guest areas.

Add A Ray Of Sunshine In Your Balcony Garden Design

Unlike shaded balconies, sunny balconies have bright sunlight that shines on them throughout the day and even for most of the year. They are usually located at the top of high-rise apartments, where other buildings do not block the light. Sunny balconies are ideal for growing fruit and flowers. Brightly colored flower pots break up the monotony, while the harsh sun can be protected by an umbrella if needed. Sunny balcony gardens are a place of dreams. They are good with natural light and can be designed for children to play, have a picnic lunch or just hang out with the family.

Herbs are super easy to grow indoors; they don’t require much sunlight or water, so they’re perfect for small spaces such as balconies or patios. You can use any type of container (terracotta pots work best) with drainage holes at the bottom and add some soil before planting your herbs inside them. Make sure you choose those herbs that don’t need too much.

If you want to create a garden on your balcony, the first thing that you need to do is to plan it out. You need to decide what kind of plants you want to grow and how much space you have and how much time you can devote to gardening. Once you have decided on these things, it’s time to get started.

Scrapwood Furniture For A Rough, Edgy Decor

Scrapwood gardens are made up of recycled and reused wood and have their own charm. It can be cleverly designed to show grains that look beautiful in brightly colored flowers and greenery. Add some understated lighting, hang pots and wicker baskets, and this rough-hewn space works well as a bar nook for friends or provides the perfect backdrop for a party.

If your balcony has an industrial vibe, then you can use scrap wood furniture to accentuate it. This is a great way to add some rustic charm to your balcony while also making it look more interesting than just flat concrete or wood. The only downside, however, is that not everyone may be comfortable with all the exposed nails and bolts on display (which is why we recommend using scrap wood from old pallets).

If you want something more traditional but still unique and eye-catching, then flowerpots are a great choice for decorating your balcony. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s bound to be one that fits perfectly into whatever design theme you’re going for. Simply place them on top of wooden planters or shelving units to create an inviting garden feel without having to worry about watering plants or dealing with weeds.

Micro Park Balcony Gardens

Dream of all the beautiful flowers, herbs, creepers and plants in your neighborhood park and bring them all to your little garden. This can be and will be seen in many homes in the coming year. Lots of plants of different colors and types, placed around the place where the light falls, or with a little shade, like bringing a heavenly place into your home. It doesn’t require much planning or design, but care and a lot of personal extravagance.

A micro park is a small-scale version of a traditional park. This type of design makes it look like there is more room than actually exists. You can create this look by using lots of different plants that are low-growing and ground cover plants instead of tall ones like trees. By doing this, you will give the illusion that there is a lot more room than there actually is on the balcony.

The best part about designing your own balcony garden is that there are no rules! You don’t need to follow any specific design, which means that you can use any idea that comes into your mind and make it work for you. The only thing you need to do is find out what plants grow well in your area, so that they don’t die off too soon after planting them in pots or beds made out of concrete or rocks.

Vertical Hanging Gardens In The Balcony

If you have a balcony that is not very large, you can still grow an indoor herb garden in it. Growing herbs is a great way to save money and eat healthy at home. This vertical hanging garden design is perfect for small balconies or patios that have limited space. You can use the vertical space to grow your favorite herbs, such as basil and rosemary, along with other plants like kale and chard. These will give your kitchen fresh herbs every day for cooking or garnishing dishes.

Hanging Garden: Another popular type of garden that can be used in balconies is hanging gardens. A hanging garden is usually made up of various plants placed in pots which are then hung from railings or ceiling beams on balconies or porches. These gardens provide ample space for plant growth without taking up too much floor space in your home or on your balcony.

If you have a small balcony, it can be hard to come up with effective designs that will make it look bigger and better. One excellent way to do this is by using vertical hanging gardens on either side of the door or window. Just hang a few pots from hooks of varying heights and fill them with plants that will thrive in their environment.

Modern Balcony Gardens

Balconies are often overlooked as a potential place to grow plants, but they can be ideal places for growing herbs, tomatoes and other food items. If you want to spice up your balcony with some greenery and flowers, consider using some modern designs that will give your space a unique look.

Modern balconies are all about having fun with colors and textures. You can incorporate modern elements into your balcony garden by using bold colors like reds, greens, yellows and oranges. Add pops of color by using pots that are painted in different shades or combine different textures such as wood and metal elements. For example, you can use a wooden planter box filled with plants that have colorful flowers like tulips or poppies for an eye-catching display.

A wooden balcony garden is perfect for those who love natural materials since it allows you to create a rustic feel with minimal effort. Wooden planters not only look great but they are also durable so they can last for years without needing any maintenance work done on them.


If you are concerned about how small or larger your balcony is, then you can use these garden design ideas to transform it into a nice and spacious place. If you are interested in making some simple changes or getting rid of the boring and messy look, then these design ideas are perfect for you. You can do it at home through some simple DIY techniques. All it requires is an investment of time and money.



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