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Enalytix: the one-stop shop for AI-based business solutions

ByEnalytix AI

Sep 17, 2022

Better manage your customers and your staff with Enalytix’s advanced AI-driven solutions


Today everything is about creating better experiences – be it for your customers or for your employees. Enalytix offers AI-driven insights and tools that help organisations create better customer and employee experiences, while enhancing their efficiencies.


To that end, we have two primary solutions:


Enalytix AI-based face recognition attendance system

An Employee Experience mobile app that combines biometric attendance system, collaboration, productivity and employee recognition all rolled into one. It helps manage distributed workforces and enables ‘work from anywhere’ culture for organisations across industries.


  • The EX mobile app uses face detection, face recognition, spoof detection and location tracking for a comprehensive time tracking.
  • It can smartly manage multiple shifts and enables leave and overtime management via automated approval workflows.


  • The app allows sharingdocuments, audio-video files and organisational updates with their ‘checked-in’ colleagues or supervisors to be viewed/reviewed anytime, anywhere.


  • Organisations can manage employee productivity via automated task management, live timesheets and work and expense report modules.


  • The app also allows to applaud and recognise high performers and give them organisation-wide visibility.




How to use this solution? Just:

  1. Subscribe to the service
  2. Download the app for free via the Google Play Store
  3. Register employees on the app’s database
  4. Use the app’s facial recognition technology to mark attendance and use other features
  5. View daily and/or monthly reports in real-time


What makes Enalytix’s AI-based attendance app a great investment for businesses? It:


  1. Is affordable, since it does not require any additional hardware, i.e., no fingerprint scanners or any extra hardware installation for the office.


  1. All data recorded via the app is stored in-cloud through end-to-end encryption.



  1. It easily integrates with your-existing Human Resource Management Systems or Payroll systems.


  1. Allows for attendance to be recorded through two modes, the Employee Self-Record and Supervisor mode.




Enalytix real-time video footfall analytics

Enalytix’s footfall counter accurately calculates the footfall of customers in any retail store or mall or building, providing data in real-time. It also effectively and accurately segregates staff members from actual customers in order to present the most accurate picture possible. All data provided is 100% transparent as images are updated on a dashboard in real-time so that all counts can be thoroughly validated.


How does it help retail business?:


  1. Enalytix leverages computer vision and deep learning models to provide the most accurate footfall count for any retail space by distinguishing between customers and staff with extreme accuracy and precision.


It helps retailers identify patterns and trends in consumer behaviour.

The geofenced, face recognition-based check-in and check-outs for store staff members  ensure an easy way to manage their presence on shopfloor. Moreover, managers can connect with staff members across all with a single click.

Our Enalytix Retail Intelligence module is a complete AI focused solution for retailers looking to leverage powerful data insights to help increase conversions and build better customer experiences. Enalytix’s retail-focused AI solutions are cost-effective and can be deployed quickly with minimal change management.

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