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Factors to consider while buying spare parts for tractor


Jan 21, 2021

Gone are the days when farmers resorted to manual processes for improving their agricultural productivity. Today’s farmer is more technology driven and for them, a powerful tractor becomes a piece of most versatile tractor equipment. It helps them accomplish different agricultural tasks on time. But this is not where the responsibility of the farmer ends. There’s much more to do after a tractor is being purchased.

Tractor like any other equipment requires regular maintenance or sometimes even replacement of parts if broken. Proper knowledge is required on every part before moving in the market to make a purchase.

Without further ado let’s have a look at some of the factors that need to be considered while buying spare parts for a tractor.

  • Cost:

Comparing the cost of previous tractor parts with the new one plays a bigger role. This comparison is done for getting affordable parts but doesn’t mean that farmers should go for low-quality parts.

  • Brand:

Look for the brand that is known for its high-quality and affordable spare parts. It would be better to use the spare parts from the same company where the tractor was purchased. This ensures higher compatibility.

  • After sales support:

Buying spare parts from an authorised dealer is one basic criterion but this is not an end to a decision. Considering after-sales support is also an essential criterion. Get a replacement warranty from the dealer at any cost.

Getting spare parts for a tractor is not easy as it requires to find an authorised dealer and that too at physical stores. 

To solve this problem Digitrac came up with a solution. Farmers by downloading the Digitrac app can make their tractor servicing easier and simpler. All spare parts are available on the website and app at affordable rates. In its 7 decades of existence, Escorts has managed to become one of the trusted names among the farmer community all over the world. Apart from their power-packed tractors, farmers can know the valuation of their tractor with the help of the second hand tractor price calculator. They can also assess the EMI if you are planning to purchase tractor on loan.


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