• Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Google Featured Snippets Update 2020

As we all know Google regularly update its algorithm and behavior. Basically, the purpose behind this is to give more relevant information to user.

Google has announced another update regarding its featured snippets. For featured snippets Google will give more relevant content to user. Google has announced the update on twitter that Google has updated feature snippets.

What is Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is summery of the query which is searched by user. Featured snippets display on the top of the search result page. This feature is most useful to the user’s query. Featured snippets give the quick answer of user’s query, benefits the chosen link with increase traffic.

Featured snippet gives the quick answer of a query that displays above the organic search result.  Thus it is an important feature of Google to give relevant information to user. This is an important way to increase traffic of your website.

Featured Snippets Update:

According to this update, when user will click on featured snippets, it will take user directly to the text that is relevant to the search query. User will find most relevant information of his searched query.

This will help user to find relevant information that he was looking for. User can get save his time by this featured snippets update. Now user will get accurate result according to his search query.

The change is not happening to all featured snippets in result page. Google will show this where Google will highly confident to being able to redirect user to the content.

Need Not to Add Special Markup:

Now the question is that should we add any additional markup to get benefit of this update.

It is announced that we need not to add extra or special markup. Nothing needs to add in order to send user to the content in Featured Snippets.

Thus this update will help to get most relevant answer of user’s query.