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Agriculture is one of the vital sectors of the Ukrainian economy. It is natural that Ukraine became world’s major sunflower oil exporter, second major grain exporter, forth corn & barley, sixth wheat and soybean and seventh poultry & honey exporter, and ninth major egg producer. The primary food harvest products are mainly barley, sugar beets, potatoes, rice, maize, soybeans, and wheat.  Apart from this, primary meat products are beef & veal, chicken, horse, lamb, pork, and rabbit. In terms of value, the largest agricultural exports are basically sunflower seed, raw sugar, refined sugar, beef & veal, and fish. Ukraine country is one of the few countries in the world that is in a position to significantly expand grain net exports, owing to its strategic location & agro-ecological potential of its soils. The grain production prospective of country depends on the two main factors: land area cultivated and yield. Increasing government policies, rising foreign investments, stimulating the development of food processing and growing technologies are some leading factors for growth of the country’s agriculture market. However, absence of crop insurance system, extreme weather conditions and lack of environmental measures & unsustainable mid-term/long-term state policy in grain production or trade are major challenges for country’s agriculture market. Moreover, growth in improvements in production, logistics and new trade links or agreements, including an organization agreement with the European Union, have helped to increase the Ukrainian exports.

According to study, Ukraine Agriculture Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts the key companies operating in the Ukraine Agriculture market are Ukrland farming, Agroprosperis, Kernel, Myronivsky Hlibo product, Mriya, Astarta-Kyiv, IMC, UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO, Agro Generation, Agrain, Epicenter-Agro, HarvEast, AgroVista, NIBULON, LNZ Group, BKW Group, Agromino.

Ukraine is abundantly endowed with chernozem (black soil), one of the most fertile soils globally that contains a very high percentage of humus (3% – 15%) along with phosphoric acids, phosphorus & ammonia, occupies approximately 41% of country’s total area and even more of its agricultural land approximately (54%), and arable land approximately (58%). Only two chernozem belts are present worldwide: one is extending from the northeast Ukraine to Russia, and the other is in the Canadian Prairies.

To maintain & improve the positions on global agricultural markets, Ukraine country’s producers would be required to increase the investment in order to decrease production costs, enter higher value-added & niche segments, improve products quality, and improve the marketing of their products. These would include: decreasing the costs by applying precision agriculture techniques, increasing the crop yields by catching up on use of irrigation, fertilizers, and machinery; increase in shifting from the export of agricultural commodities to export of food, rise in investments in additional storage capacity, passing required certification procedures to enter new markets, entering high-margin niches including fresh & organic products and improvement in marketing of Ukrainian products to strengthen the brand recognition & customer loyalty.  It is projected that future of the Ukraine agriculture market will be bright on account of growth in development & promotion of small & medium enterprises (SMEs) farming during the forecast period.

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