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A ceiling fan is a common item found in every household. Unlike an air-conditioner, which aims to cool an entire room, the ceiling fan has a sole purpose of cooling its occupant. The best ceiling fans have high performance motors and aerodynamically designed blades that escalate cooling, while maintaining energy efficiency and no-noise operation. But can a ceiling fan be more?

With a longstanding legacy of innovation and being a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company, Havells is here to answer your question:

Premium underlight fans

Havells range of premium underlight fans – provide superior air delivery and lights up the room with its high quality LED fixtures. And yes, you can choose either one option with just the press of a button on the remote control. Some of these fans have superior paint finishes (metallic and others), while some come with an antique look to fit right in with your decor style. A powerful motor that generates anywhere between 270-280 RPM, and noise reduction is guaranteed in all. You are also presented with a wide variety of color, power and shapes to choose from for the LED fixture. So have at it!

Decorative and Special Finish fans

Havells range of designer fans are built to add a sense of pizzaz to your ceiling! Exotic, rich looks with a range of stylish colors such as Indigo Blue, Pearl Ivory, Espresso Copper, Sapphire Blue Chrome- these fans are bound to catch the eyes of anyone that enters your room! The decorative trims on blades and canopy, some of which have elegant 3D design patterns are the icing on the cake.The special finish fans however, are built to further step up your game! They feature special characteristics such as – Electro-phoretic lacquered surface for anti-rusting, dust and mark resistant coating, unique designer and aerodynamic profile blades that ensure smooth and silent operation. If that’s not enough, these suave looking fans come with HPLV motors that offer high air delivery even at low voltages of 180V.  Talk about the perfect blend of style and engineering!

Premium Silent Fan with Air Purifier

What can be more convenient than a stylish,smart, powerful fan with lights? One that purifies the air for you too of course! Havells’ Stealth Puro Air can automatically purify the air in your room depending on the AQI and can operate independently of the fan. Breathing fresh air is now possible right at the comfort of your home. Its integrated air purifier is state of the art, and its aerodynamically designed blades are made of ABS to avoid friction and deformation.

Low Power Consumption (LPC) Fan

With climate change looming on all of us, it is imperative we make green choices to better our future. Although all of Havells ceiling fans consume less power, the LPC series of fans in particular consume 50% less power than an ordinary one, all thanks to its efficient BLDC motor. The Stealth BLDC model also has received a 5 star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency! It is time we all consider switching to such Low Power Consumption Ceiling fans and in that regard, Havells has us covered.

Besides these notable options, Havells also has a host of Smart Ceiling fans that look savvy and are intuitive. With Smart modes that adjust speed according to temperature and humidity, and accessibility through any Android/iOS phone, these fans are all about easing user experience.

So what are you waiting for?  Go visit the Havells website, and browse through a variety of trend-setting models for your Ceiling Fan needs.

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