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ByShruti Kukreja

Feb 3, 2021

Headgear or headpieces has always been grabbing eyes be it the Paris Fashion Week or Lakme Fashion Week. The creative look is always well complimented by dramatic, and statement-making headpieces. The art of making a headgear requires a lot of creative skills and intelligence through which you could successfully execute your imagination into reality. If you run a fashion show or a budding makeup artist you would definitely know the struggle of acquiring materials and preparing headgears on your own.

Considering the lack of resources available to create such masterpieces Shruti Kukreja who is a well-known makeup artist is striving to solve this problem. She is known for her intricate work on headpieces and transforming her models into style statements. She is the proud founder of her venture known as SKMI. At her venture, she makes sure that those whimsical headpieces are easily available. If you have a knack for DIYs (do it yourself) then also Shruti Kukrej’s SKMI is your go-to choice.

Shruti Kukreja’s zest for the art of make-up and prosthetics is her classic motive for taking up such a challenging profession as her career. She has garnered her excellence in this field from the prestigious Makeup School in Scandinavia, Europe. After several years of her practice in Europe, she is striving to bring the latest techniques used all over the world to India.

The creation of headpieces is a great choice for people with imaginative urges and who aren’t reluctant to experiment with their work. Whether you’re inclined towards floral-inspired headgear, regal crowns, graphic and mermaid-inspired headpieces Shruti Kukreja has mastered it all. Give your passion, the professional touch with SKMI.

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