• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

How behavior of user works in search?

How behavior of user works in search?

At this time, it is not enough to know about the ranking in search engine. We should also know about the behavior of the user and understand the environment in which signals operate.

User behavior signal that search engine can use:

Click and post click behavior:

There are some points that Google knows about the user behavior:

  • Google knows on which site user click in the search result
  • Time spent by user on website before they return on Google
  • What user did after that

Here are some essential points:

Researchers click on the website in search result and quickly return to the search engine and click on the next link. This goes the clear indication to the search engine that query is right is search result but the result that user is finding is wrong. By this Search engine get a negative signal for our page even our result page related to the search query.

In second case, if a user clicks on the site in search result and spend some time on that site. After that he come back to the search engine result and click on the next site for the same query. This will send a positive signal to search engine for that query and this will indicate that the user found the content that he was looking for and now he is finding some additional information.

A researcher click on the link in search result, spend some time on that site. After spending some time on that site user come back to the search result, refine his query in search engine and search the result again. It would indicate that user is not as specific as he should be.

In the fourth case, A researcher search the query, click on a link. After spending long or short time on that site come back to the search result and search for a new query. In the other way the query is completely change this would indicate that user found the result that he was looking for and he is looking for some other task. This would pass a positive indication to search engine.

These signals depends upon factors such as query type in search engine and user behavior.