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The companies are conscious about the business and the most advanced technology. The success of any business can be possible with the complete check and balance by the owner of a company. It is a core need to know about the employee’s activities within the working place. Employees are considered the backbone of any organization. All goods and bad services are depending on the working capacity of any business. Employers should know all about their staff members and their all activities. But the important thing is to know their activities secretly that enable the employers to take action against something is goes wrong.

All company-owned digital devices can be monitor secretly with the android spy app. it empowers employers to keep a close eye on their working staff without knowing them.

What is an android spy app?

The mobile spy app is known for monitoring the all online activities of the targeted cell phone devices. This app allows the complete tracking of android devices and knows all activities.

It helps the user to monitor all incoming & outgoing calls send received messages, phone location, all installed social media accounts, and other activities.

This software also enables the user to take screenshots, screen recording, real-time location, social messaging apps, browsing history, and other features.

Why employer want to track the employee’s cell phones

Employee monitoring is one of the best ways to protect the company from any damage. We all know working staff may be the cause of some serious damage. It needs to control any unwanted situation.

Here we mention some serious causes of spy the employee’s digital devices.

Spy employees communication

The conversation made by the employee’s android can be monitor secretly. You are enabling to know what message they send or what they have received with others. The all emails they have sent can be read without knowing them. All online offline activities also catch and know the harassment conversation or unproductive communication. The monitoring app allows knowing the secret conversation. Employer enables to know if something goes wrong related to the company.

Monitor the social media

The social media activities supervised mean knowing the employee’s social messaging apps. You can spy on all chats and any social updates. You can monitor all posts and send or receive a media gallery. You can track all installed apps of the targeted phones like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, hike, telegram, Snapchat, tinder among others. Social media tracking enables to track and management of the employee’s productivity by keeping an eye on employee’s activities and online conversations with clients.

Supervise the internet

In the digital age, internet use is a crucial need for all companies and businesses. It increases brand awareness and approaches the highest range of customers. However, the excessive use of cell phones and the internet in working place can be decreasing the employee’s productivity. The Android monitoring app allows employers that know about internet activities. It accesses the internet browsing history of the targeted devices secretly.

How can use the android spy app?

As we already tell the major reasons for monitoring the employees within the company-based digital devices. Spy all activities can minimize the unproductive activities of the working staff. One of the best android spy apps is TheOneSpy software for employee monitoring.

Use the android spy app

TheOneSpy is the best and authentic application. It enables employers to track their employees within their digital devices. It helps to spy the android cell phone activities of the working staff secretly. It is beneficial for employee surveillance.

Use the features of TheOneSpy android spy app

Real-time GPS location tracking

You can use this android tracking app that makes sure the live location of the targeted person. It possible with the tracking of the GPS location of employees in real-time also target their visit on a Map view on the user dashboard.

Social Messenger spy app

Through this classic feature, employers can know the all social messaging accounts of the targeted phone. It enables monitoring all social media conversations, updating and posting or sharing of media files. It’s Includes Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Line, and Instagram among others. 

Record phone screen

  You can use the android spy app and watch the live screen of the employee’s activities and know what they are doing. It empowers the employer to record the live screen secretly. 


Android spy app is the best solution to monitor the employees at the working place. It helps the employers to keep an eye on employees’ activities without knowing them.