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How Search Engine Index or Render Pages?


May 25, 2020

As we all know that ranking is an important factor. But do you know what search engines do to rank the web page? People use many SEO trends to rank their pages in search engines.

How do search engines render pages? When the process begins? There are lots of questions; we will find answers in this post.

This is an interesting thing, because when we think about ranking our webpage we generally think about indexing. There are number of points what the search engine does:

  • Discover the pages via sitemap or crawling and process for indexing
  • Gather all the information about content
  • And then start ranking the webpage in search engine.

Difference between Indexing and Rendering:

With the code search engine understand about the code like: JavaScript, J query etc.

With rendering, it understands about the user experience and far more about the content like:

  • Is web page using hidden content?
  • Does an ad fill the page
  • Is the content displayed at the bottom of the code actually displayed towards the top or in navigation?
  • Is page slow or fast?

When rendering occurs?

After indexing, rendering starts. After indexing search engine understand the content and context of the page and understand how to prioritize it.