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How the world inspires every inch in a space: the lesser known secrets of architectural inspiration


Feb 5, 2021 ,

Architecture, in it’s unique position in this world, is both an art and a science. So, like any other art and science in this world, both artists and scientists in the field of architecture need their source of inspiration. Now, in a world riddled with noise, it is hard to make sense of what exactly does and does not make sense. However, the unique position we talked about just moments ago, this is exactly it, nothing has to make sense. yet , everything does.


The beauty of architecture, or any process of ideation at that, is the fact that each and every individual professional, or ameteur, looks, senses and interprets the exact same thing in completely different ways. As a result, the same object, place, person or a mix of all, can result in hugely diverse outcomes across different places, time periods, and obviously, across different architects.


So, what does that have got anything to do with the modern age of architecture? Everyone understands that with the changing times, tastes and traits of living as a whole, architects are bound to look for new inspirations and ways to make their works relevant. That is an absolutely accurate and truthful way of looking at things. However, another key element needs to be considered. While things of the past have already inspired many in their time, with the new and improved technology and methods of carrying out similar tasks, the scope of interpreting those very same interpretations grows many, many fold.


Case in point? Neom tiles. Neom tiles is one of the best tile brands in India with countless options ranging from spectacular plank tiles, cladding tiles, Wooden Floor Tiles, exterior wall tiles, slab tiles, square tiles and super Slim Tiles. Of these, Neom offers the largest tiles at 1600x3200mm with its and the slimmest tiles known as Neo-Super Slims that are just 5mm thick, or rather, thin. However, all of these amazing products, that offer so much to every space, are not just results of great ideation that are current. There are a lot of things that inspire Neom’s vast range of products. For starters, nature. Be it stone, sand or storm. It could also be the exact opposite, man-made. Like concrete, renaissance art, or mosaic art. But, no matter where the inspiration comes from, in the end, Neom tiles guarantee anyone who chooses the neo-modern look for their home, that they are purchasing not just a product, but an experience.

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