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How to find lost keywords and traffic In Google Analytics?

If keyword ranking of your web page dropped, or traffic has gone down, and you cannot find them in Google Analytics. This post will help you to find it.

First we need to know how to identify the keywords or pages those fell down in search result. We can find lost keywords and pages in Google Analytics.

Find Lost keywords in Google Analytics:

In this process you can identify the keywords which are getting traffic in search result. It can be pageviews, conversions and any other KPI.

There may be possibility that the page but with that particular keyword the ranking of that page is dropped down.

There are some steps in Google Analytics and Search Console:

Open Google Analytics then go to Acquisition>Overview>Organic Search. After that select landing page and then conversion item from drop down.

Secondly you can get source from option: Acquisition > Source.

You can compare the result in date range. You can also select the comparison period.

Steps in Search Console:

Now Open Search console and click to the Performance > Pages.

Set the date or comparison date that you want to compare.

 Solution of the problem:

If pages of your website fell down or you have lost keywords, here is the solution of this problem. Check the bellow points:

  • Is your content old or stale?
  • Check the links used in webpages. Are they working properly?
  • Did the entire website or a page loose its traffic or pages lost their ranking of some keywords only.
  • Check speed of the page, user experience, pages content of old and new pages.
  • Check the website, it may be hacked by someone.
  • Poor link building may reflect your keywords or page traffic.
  • You may forgot remove disallow from Robots.txt or you make any webpage Noindex.

These are some points by which you can start troubleshoot your website. There are some other methods to find out lost traffic, you should properly check your website.

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