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The satisfaction of consumer is a powerful predictor of the consumer retention, loyalty and product repurchase. Customer satisfaction survey investigation support you to discover what your consumers like, dislike or what they’d like to see developed. At Ken Research, we significantly supported thousands of brands measure customer satisfaction survey.

Ken Research as Retail Customer Feedback Survey Company helps you in developing the customer service by considering the consumer satisfaction survey continuously in the real-time, you get a much better understanding of your consumer’s level of satisfaction with your products and services. This in turn support you serve them better. Not only has this, with us you can decrease the consumer churn as it is always desirable and rarely achievable. As customer satisfaction survey data supports you speedily identify when the poor consumer touchpoint observations appear, in real-time. Knowing this supports you rectify the issue and retail consumers.

In addition, Retail Customer Experience Surveys with Ken Research, you have so many choices to obtain the customer satisfaction survey data with the help of SMS, email, Website, in-app and via integrations with the other several communications systems. Not only has this, we effectively built powerful features for the business, designed for people and love by teams such as

Administration and Governance – Gain visibility and control over the data and users with the consolidated administration: utilize the worldwide settings to set up and manage the standards.

Enhanced security and compliance – secure sensitive data with data encryption, and access controls, keep data compliant with the several features.

Dedicated customer support – get phone support, 24/7 email support and a dedicated consumer success manager to support you through each process or manner.

Furthermore, the Retail audits are scrutiny surveys that are important to how a brand is perceived by consumer’s in-store. These surveys integrate right set of questions in order to measure information on various aspects containing:

Stock availability at the retail stores and wholesalers outlets.

To check if the goods prevail at store are up to mark.

To analyze the display of your product in the retail stores and to observe if it follows privacy protocols.

To protect that complementary products are presented along with the foremost goods.

To track the volume of sales and trends of sales.

Observe the compliance of policies of brands.

Test effectiveness of in-store display and promotion determination.

Track pricing.

Track the in-store positon of the corporate’s and the competitor’s products.

To scrutinize the product handling and product recompenses.

Although, the Retail audits are shepherded either by staying the store or by constructing an enquiry over a call. The Regular retail audits can qualify companies to stay ahead of the competition and ensure concentrated ROI.

In addition, the retail audit should be conventional out at real time owing to it conveys an truthful image of the events at a retail shop and maintenances to carry out counteractive or mounting measures at that time. In-store merchandising inaugurates an essential serving of retail audit. As it is through the nomination of products at a precise place we can magnification the helpfulness of its lucrativeness, thereby mounting the sales of the explicit merchandise.

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