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Keep up with the times with Crabtree’s range of Smart Switches Designed to Customize Each Home


Nov 5, 2021

In these changing times, technological advancements have made our life choices rather convenient and comfortable, and Crabtree understands what the people need while keeping in mind the need for keeping up. 

That is why it has a specialized team of expert personnel who are constantly working to draw up new designs and smarter technologies that ensure that your house looks great but also makes your life far more comfortable.

Apart from the wide range of sleek and aesthetically appeasing manual switches that add sophistication to your space, Crabtree has introduced a brand-new range of smart switches that take control of the entire house and make basic functions easier and more convenient. Their range of smart products is extremely different from the rest while being hassle-free to install and offer a wide array of functions as well.

Know your Smart Switches – Crabtree redefining futuristic living

It is a well-known fact that Crabtree is viewed as one of the most reliable brands when it comes to electrical and security equipment for your home and office space but now, with their range of smart products, they have secured their position in a league of their own.

What to expect from these smart products?

The Smart H range of products by Crabtree is a fragment of futuristic living that has been made possible because of Crabtree’s vision and ability to innovate and turn dreams into reality. Here are a few advantages of these smart switches:

  • Easy to Install – If you want to install a 2-module switch then you need a 2-module switchboard, generally which would mean taking it all apart and installing. Not with Crabtree’s Smart H switch products. It is extremely easy to install a 2-module switchboard as you can simply replace the manual switch with the smart H switch.
  • Forget about Re-wiring – Usually, you would have to rewire the entire switchboard and the wiring for the switchboard would have to be done all over again. With Crabtree’s Smart H switches, there is no need for rewiring.
  • Control – Installing Smart H switches gives you unlimited access and ease of access to operation because switches can be operated with the help of a smart app or through voice commands as well.

Smart H products by Crabtree

There is a wide range of Smart H products that you can install throughout your house to make it energy-efficient and to assume absolute control over your home. For example, you can get a scene controller to control lights and everything else throughout the house that can be electrically operated, through one panel. Their Wall-mounted PIR Sensor is highly recommended since it is also energy efficient. Other than these, 2 module dimmer switches and 2 module fan controllers are popular products when talking about 2 module plate electrical switches.

Visit Crabtree today and check out their unlimited and never-ending range of life-changing and home-transforming products that can make your lifestyle a lot easier and convenient.