Kitchens have become more illustrious and glamorous in the last few years. A kitchen is not only a place to cook but a safe haven for artists to create masterpieces. A modern kitchen is not made of a gas and stove along with utensils anymore. It boasts of electrical gadgets and a small table island. It needs chimneys and dishwashers and what not. Since, the tangent of a kitchen requirements have changed, the look of any modern kitchen should be different as well.


Kitchen tiles have become a necessity nowadays than a luxury. Tiles made out of the best marble for kitchen and other household are quite commonly used.  The kitchen is maybe attached to a living room or maybe it’s outdoor, the styling of these tiles do differ but they do have something in common, making your kitchen look like a reflection of your personality and needs.

Before you go picking up tiles for your new kitchen here are a few steps you need to go through at first


Choose the space

The surface that needs tiling should be decided at the first go. Tiles often add character to the modern kitchen space and many people consider tiling kitchen counters, floors and even the walls. They often tile the kitchen islands as well, making it match with the entire kitchen’s aesthetic. Take a moment to decide where your tiles need to go and then hop in the shop for a tiling spree.


Choose the type

Any type of tile does not always fit the profile for a kitchen. SO this step is very very important. Stone, marble, ceramic, porcelain each can give you a certain style along with a certain advantage. Modern kitchen can house all those different type of tiles. Be they stone or marble or patterned or something else entirely. The tiles that go on your floor would be a reflection of you and the kind of person that you are. It will also depend on the durability and functionality of those tiles. Declaring a tile ‘perfect’ for your kitchen comes later.


Count the money:


Money should be decided beforehand on the planning stages rather than just winging it in the tile showroom. Tiles falling on the lower end of the price metre are Vinyl. They are way less pricey and can fit on anyone’s budget. Once the choice tunnel is sharpened then picking up a tile becomes easier.


The purpose of the kitchen matters

The work that you do in your kitchen matters the most. A chef with a temper of Ramsey will need resilient tiles. Ceramic tiles can handle almost anything. You throw or you smudge or you grease, it makes no effect on the ceramic tiles. At least after a quick wash. But if you pick Vinyl tiles then you can’t do any of the above.


The bigger the better

Even for tiles big does matter. They add sophistication as well a different tangent of class and usefulness altogether. These tiles offer less break, but they do need care from time to time. Even when installation, these tiles need to be carefully handled. Small tiles also offer a certain aesthetic to the kitchen, especially if they have an artistic pattern.

Revamping your kitchen into a modern one is a terrific idea, bet with rustic kitchen tiles or ceramic ones. And tiling it is the way to go and if you are serious about going through with it, then I would suggest you to go and check out NEOM’s online store. The collection of tiles that NEOM houses are unique, classy and large in numbers. From classic old patterns to new art deco tiles, from artistic carvings to a more finished and matte look, from large floor tiles to smaller wall tiles, NEOM has it all. So figure out your steps and start browsing the website for the tile you would love to see adorning your kitchen.

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