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Learn How To Get An Urgent Loan With Bad Credit In India

A credit score of 750 or above is considered respectable and may help you get loans approved swiftly. Maintaining a good credit score, on the other hand, is challenging for many individuals since it requires discipline, money management skills, and, most importantly, adequate cash flow to pay bills on time.

Before you continue reading, it is crucial to understand that you should constantly focus on increasing your credit score to acquire better credit conditions for future loans. Let us check out how to get an urgent loan with bad credit in India.

Types of loans for those with poor credit in India

Given below are the types of urgent loans with bad credit in India: 

Payday loans are unsecured loans with minimal paperwork requirements.

It is a blessing for paid workers who get regular monthly paychecks and need emergency finances yet have terrible credit ratings. Several digital lenders promptly authorize the loan. Loan terms are pretty short, ranging from 2-4 weeks.

Loans secured by insurance policies 

These loans are helpful if you have a low credit score. These are secured loans, with your insurance policy serving as security. Life insurance policies or other policies can be offered as collateral to lenders. These loans are approved promptly, have low-interest rates, and provide flexible payback terms.

Cash advance via credit card

Most individuals are unaware that they may use their credit cards to withdraw money from ATMs. This is an unsecured loan that gives you immediate cash. It does not affect your credit score, and no further proof is necessary. Interest begins to accrue the day you remove the money.

Loan secured by a PPF account

It applies to individuals who have a PPF account with the Government of India. You are eligible for this loan if you have a PPF account, regardless of your credit score. You may use this option between the third and sixth years after starting your PPF account, and the loan amount is limited to 25% of your PPF balance. The charged interest rate is 1% more than the interest rate obtained on the PPF program.

Home equity loans

They are secured loans in which the collateral pledged to lenders is your home. Banks will grant the loan regardless of your adverse credit score based on the worth of your home. There are no tax advantages to home equity loans. However, each payment failure raises the danger of losing your property.

Things to know before applying for poor credit loans

  • If you take a loan with collateral, make sure you properly grasp the loan’s terms and conditions. In the event of nonpayment, the bank or financial institution may sell the collateral to recoup the funds.
  • It is critical to read the tiny print of the loan you are considering. Before signing anything, it is best to contact a financial advisor or an accountant. Take your time reading over the terms and conditions, and don’t be rushed to sign anything.
  • For persons with poor credit, the loan term and EMI schedule will be shorter and higher, accordingly. Examine the timetable to see if you will be able to keep up with the payments. You should pay the EMI on time, or you will be charged with overdue charges.

What should you do to enhance your credit score?

  • The most obvious thing to do is make your payments on time. Don’t miss or default on your payments, particularly utilities; instead, demonstrate consistent payback. You may do this by establishing automatic payments from your bank account.
  • Take into account debt consolidation. If you have many outstanding debts, consider consolidating them into a single loan, which will require you to pay just for that one loan. You can talk to your lender about getting more information and negotiating better terms.
  • Always keep a close eye on your credit reports and ensure that the most recent information about your credit history is up to current. This has the additional advantage of reducing identity theft. For example, a new credit card has been recorded on your credit file, and you don’t recall applying for one. You should call your credit card provider and report the same immediately.
  • As previously said, examine your credit report for any mistakes. If there are any errors on your credit report, request an urgent repair.


It is feasible to get an urgent loan with bad credit in India. However, improved financial management should be your goal since individuals with adverse credit do not get advantageous loan terms and conditions. 

Long-term objectives should include better money management and higher CIBIL scores. Nowadays, you can get a personal loan without CIBIL. This will help you develop your savings and reduce your need to borrow money. Personal loans are an excellent option for those in severe need of money. If you do not pay your EMIs on time, you are referred to as a defaulter. If you pay your loan during the grace period, you may be required to pay Bajaj Finserv EMI overdue charges to avoid being classified as a ‘defaulter.’ Hence, pay your EMIs on time and attain a good CIBIL score.

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