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List of India’s Top 10 Best Shampoo Brands in India

1. Pantene (Proctor & Gamble India)

Pantene is the most well-known cosmetic shampoo in India. It is made in India by a multinational company (MNC) called Proctor & Gamble.
On the Indian market, you can buy about a dozen different kinds of Pantene shampoo.
Pantene shampoo comes in bottles and also in single-use sachets that aren’t too expensive.
Pantene also makes shampoos for professionals to use in hair salons.
Pantene is also one of India’s most popular shampoo brands. and best shampoo brands in India.

2. Kesh Kanti (Patanjali Ayurved Ltd)

About five years ago, only 12 to 15% of shampoo sales in India came from rural areas, where people were afraid to use expensive chemical-based hair care products. It is the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening in India.
With the launch of Kesh Kanti, a line of herbal shampoos by Patanjali Ayurveda, everything changed in a big way.
With its low price, Kesh Kanti is giving MNCs and Indian shampoo companies a run for their money and market share.
There are about six different kinds of Kesh Kanti shampoo, as well as a herbal “Hair Cleaner” powder.

3. Sunsilk (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

The most popular shampoo brand in India is Sunsilk.
Sunsilk is a very popular shampoo brand in India, and it comes in many different kinds. It is made by Hindustan Unilever, which is a multinational corporation (MNC).
Sunsilk shampoo is sold all over India, and it comes in different kinds.
It is also a global brand that can be bought in a lot of different countries.
Sunsilk is also sold in India in one-time-use sachets.

4. TRESemme (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

The best high-end shampoo in India is Tressme.
TRESemme is a brand of shampoo that has been made and sold all over the world for almost 70 years.
In India, you can buy about 10 different kinds of TRESemme shampoo, each one made for a different hair type or use.
TRESemme is the best shampoo brand name that stylists and celebrities used.
Now, you can buy it online and in all the big stores in India. You can buy bottles and sachets of TRESemme professional shampoo.

5. Vatika (Dabur India Ltd)

Vatika is a well-known brand of herbal shampoo made by Dabur India Ltd., which has been making Ayurvedic medicines and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) for a long time.
Vatika shampoo is available in three variants. Also, Dabur has two special shampoos: Dabur Almond Shampoo and Vatika Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

6. Fruit (Garnier India Ltd)

The Fructis brand, made by the French multinational company Garnier Labs, has 15 different shampoos that are all very good.
These shampoos are made to work with almost every type of hair and scalp. They treat problems like split ends, hair loss, and brittle hair, and they protect dyed hair.
The name “Fructis” comes from the fact that these shampoos are made with nutrients that come from fruits.
Also, Garnier India makes a line of professional shampoos called Ultra Blends, which are very popular with people who live in cities.

7. Head and Shoulders

Head & Shoulders is another international shampoo brand that sells very well in India. The Indian market has eight different kinds of Head & Shoulders.
The brand has been around for more than 70 years, and it came to the US for the first time in 1950.
Head & Shoulders shampoo is made by Procter & Gamble, and it is good for Indian hair types and uses.
You can also buy single-use sachets of Head & Shoulders shampoo for a low price.

8. Himalaya Shampoo ( The Himalaya Drug Co)

Himalaya Herbals makes five herbal shampoos that are only sold in India and abroad.
Himalaya shampoos are used by people who care about their hair. They are mostly sold in cities and online, and they are also the best shampoo for dry hair in India.
Himalaya shampoos are made with recipes based on Ayurveda and Unani, two ancient Indian herbal medicine systems.
When making these shampoos, the company uses some rare and expensive herbs that are known to be good for hair and scalp health.

9. Dove (Hindustan Unilever Ltd) (Hindustan Unilever Ltd)

Dove started out as a brand of moisturising bath bars for women. Later, it started making other beauty products, like skin cream and shampoo.
Since it first came out in India in 2007, Dove has become the shampoo brand with the fastest growth rate there. “Dove’s promise of moisture is kept by its highly conditioned formula.
On the company’s website, it says, “The range includes Daily Shine, Dryness Care, Dandruff Care, Hair Fall Rescue, Intense Repair Therapy, Nourishing Oil Care, and Color Rescue.”

10. L’Oreal (L’Oreal India Pvt. Ltd)

In India, you can only get shampoos from the L’Oreal line. It was made by L’Oreal, a French company that makes skin care and beauty products.
The company makes a wide range of shampoos, with more than 15 different kinds for everyday and professional use.
L’Oreal shampoos are made with the newest hair care technologies, which are made by the company’s scientists around the world.
L’Oréal has a very big share of the shampoo market in India.

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