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Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment, Best Sexologist Doctors in Delhi

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What is male (erectile dysfunction; impotence) sexual dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to function. to produce or sustain an erection that is sufficiently rigid to enable vaginal penetration and thus functional sexual intercourse. Generally, if this happens regularly (70 percent of the time) for a prolonged period of time (several weeks to months), the term erectile dysfunction is used. If this is the case, it might also be possible to use the word impotence.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in various ways. Some men are totally incapable of developing an erection. Some may produce an erection that does not remain sufficiently rigid to permit satisfactory intercourse.

Several causes of erectile dysfunction exist, including some medications (prescription and non-prescription), psychological causes, and hormone, nerve, or blood vessel disorders that supply the penis.

Lack of sexual drive or desire (libido), problems with ejaculation (ejaculatory dysfunction), and lack of pleasurable feeling (orgasm) during sex are other issues with male sexual function. It will not address these topics in depth. Erectile dysfunction is a prevalent concern. It is important that men who experience erectile dysfunction speak to their doctor about it, because the disorder can have a detrimental impact on relationships and self-esteem; it is vital to exclude severe underlying causes; and effective treatment is available.

Cancer-related sexual dysfunction:

After diagnosis and care, between 11 and 76% of cancer-diagnosed patients report sexual difficulties. Depending on the place and type of cancer and the treatment modalities used, the prevalence varies. Chemotherapy, changes in body image due to weight change, hair loss or surgical disfigurement, hormonal changes, and cancer treatments that directly affect the pelvic region-influence sexuality.

Risk factors for sexual dysfunction among men Old:

  • age;
  • Medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus;
  • Neurological disorders, including dementia, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or damage to the spinal cord or to the back;
  • Pelvic fracture, prostate surgery, past priapism, extended cycling (> 4 hours / week, seat and posture dependent);
  • Stress and depression;
  • High blood tension;
  • With obesity;
  • Cholesterol Increased;
  • For smoking;

Male sexual dysfunction signs:

Temporary erection failure is very common and is likely to be resolved. The effect on relationships and self-esteem can be devastating if ongoing erectile dysfunction develops. It is understood that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction experience severe psychological distress.

Why are they diagnosed with male sexual dysfunction?

Diagnosis is based on the doctor’s knowledge on the history of erectile dysfunction (how easily it happens, how frequently it happens, etc.), the risk factors evaluation, and whether erections sometimes occur overnight while a man is asleep.

How is sexual dysfunction in males treated?

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