• Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Malicious and Virus-Infected Apps Are Removed from Google Play Store

Virus-Infected Apps

Google Play Store is the world’s most famous platform to download android apps. It has some security features. If an app developer tries to bypass these security features, Google Play Store removes these apps. That’s why users feel free to download legitimate apps from this platform. Recently, the researchers at the cybersecurity firm Check Point have found some malware in the apps that were present on the Google Play Store. In the malware, there comes Joker Dropper and Premium Dialer spyware. When users download these apps, they have to face lots of security problems. These apps automatically download additional malware into the device. After downloading this additional malware, they buy premium services.

Now, the problem is that after downloading this additional malware, they buy the premium services without the knowledge or consent of the users. While buying these premium services, they use the credit card information of the victims. Google has detected all of these apps. After detecting these apps, Google has removed these apps from the Google Play Store. If you are still using these apps, you should uninstall them. With the help of these apps, hackers are using the conventional method of hacking. They have uploaded the malicious apps on the Google Play Store. People are downloading these apps because they trust that Google Play Store is the most legitimate and authentic platform to download malicious-free apps. After downloading these apps, they have to face these kinds of problems.

List Of Malicious And Virus-Infected Apps

  • imagecompress.android

Lots of users have installed this app from the Google Play Store to compress the size of images.

  • contact.withme.texts

The users have installed this app for communication. They can communicate by sending messages.

  • hmvoice.friendsms

It is a communication app on android devices. This app is allowing users to send messages with emotions. The users can also use this app to send MMS. The users can also send and receive text and voice messages. This app is also allowing users to change the background colour.

  • relax.relaxation.androidsms

If you can’t fall asleep quickly, this app is helpful to you. This app is designed in the form of Sleep-Aid App. By using this app, you can fall asleep quickly. After falling asleep quickly, you can wake up refreshed. By using this app, you can listen to nature sounds, white noise and guided meditation.

  • cheery.message.sendsms

It is also a communication app. By using this app, you can perform lots of tasks. The most important features of this app are read and write SMS, use the camera to send photos and videos, record the audio clips and read contacts etc.

  • peason.lovinglovemessage

This is a unique app for communication. The users can use this app to send and receive messages by adding emojis and much app. That’s why it is also known as love app.

  • file.recovefiles

On the android devices, we delete some files intentionally or unintentionally. After deleting these files, if we require these files, we have to recover these files. In android phones, there is no system to recover these files. That’s why we download an app from the Google Play Store to recover these files. Lots of users have also downloaded this app to recover files. They are using this app to recover files on their android devices.

  • LPlocker.lockapps

This app is allowing the users to protect their privacy using password, pattern or fingerprint lock. This app is providing lots of features to the users. In these features, there come security of the apps, incognito browsing and customized background etc. It is also allowing users to hide photos and videos. The users can also hide the profiles by using different customized locked groups and much more.

  • remindme.alram

You can use this app to set alarms. The users can set alarms to meet up with their friends. They can also set alarms to perform specific tasks while returning from the office. The users can also set alarms for meetings at the office. It is also allowing the users to set birthday alarm and much more.

  • training.memorygame

It is a set of logic games to train your memory and attention. This app is allowing the users to improve their attention, memory and concentration by involving in the fun activities. To train the memory of the users, this app is providing 21 different games to the users. This app has more than one million users. To train your memory, it is providing an easy and attractive interface to the users.

According to a study by a dissertation help firm, it is not a new phenomenon of the Google Play Store to remove malicious apps. A few days ago, Google has removed 25 apps from its platform. These apps were involved in data theft and malware attacks. The cybersecurity professionals have detected that these apps were involved in the illegal handling of the data of the users. The downloads of these apps were exceeded from 2.34 million. At last, Google has decided to take off these devices from the Google Play Store. In these apps, lots of apps were included. The most famous apps were image editors, wallpaper apps and mobile games etc.

What You Should Do?

If you have installed one of the above-mentioned apps in your android device, you should immediately uninstall these apps right away. You should also check your Google Play Store account. If there are unwanted subscriptions in the Google Play Store, you should remove them. You should also check your credit card and bank statements thoroughly. You should make sure that your credit cards are not involved in suspicious subscriptions. If someone has paid suspicious subscriptions from your credit card, you should change the log in detail of your credit cards. Moreover, you should also install a security solution in your android device to save it from these kinds of attacks in the future. After uninstalling these apps, you should also restore your device. Its reason is that these apps will install some hidden malware in your device. Instead of uninstalling these apps, this hidden malware will still present in your device. As a result, this hidden malware will steal private information from your device.

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