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The Middle East Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Market size is projected to value at USD 6.77 billion by 2025, according to a new report published by Million Insights, accounting for a CAGR of 11.6% from 2018 to 2025. Intelligent transportation system is combined with superior automotive sensors to track and create strategies to lower traffic congestion or offer accessibility to sensitive pollution zones, where quality of air is beneath the acceptable range. These systems alert drivers about vehicle releasing pollutant levels and the necessary actions that needs to be taken. Additionally, these systems aid environment protection and transportation authorities to deploy and analyze pollution control mechanism, which support in better environment protection.


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Market Synopsis of Middle East ITS Market:


Traffic management system grew as the leading segment in 2017 with a share of 41.7% of the overall Middle East ITS market. Traffic management systems increase operational performance and reliability of road chains. Road authorities develop superior traffic management systems to enhance reliability and operational performance of all directions of road networks like traffic control, surveillance, and management. Different kinds of systems in traffic management are vehicle detection systems, inter-urban and urban systems, ramp metering systems, tunnel traffic management systems and bridge traffic management systems.


ATMS solutions provided by market players integrate sensors, communication, and data processing technology to provide timely management of functions of transportation systems; the processed and collected data is useful for both travelers and drivers. Advanced public transportation system (APTS) is predicted to register a remarkable CAGR of 13.8% over the projected period, due to the growing initiatives by the government.


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Table of Contents:-

Chapter 1 Methodology and Scope

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Chapter 3 Middle East ITS: Market Variables, Trends & Scope              

Chapter 4 Middle East ITS: Product Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 5 Middle East ITS: Application Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 6 Middle East ITS: End-use Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 7 Middle East ITS: Industrial End-use Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 8 Middle East ITS: Regional Estimates & Trend Analysis

Chapter 9 Competitive Landscape

Chapter 10 Middle East ITS: Manufacturers Company Profiles

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