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Most important tags you need to know


Jul 30, 2020 ,
10 seo tags

In SEO we tend to focus on optimizing efforts more than others. Link building is also most important thing to optimize. Use right Meta tags that can communicate right with search engine like what your page about, how to read it. Meta tags are very crucial for SEO. Let’s discuss some Meta tags:

Title tags:

Title tags are main and most important tags for SEO.

A headline appear in search engine SERP and also other social media networks and in browser.

For example if you see HTML of this article you will see:

<title>Most Important Meta Tags You Need to Know for SEO</title>

Title tag is placed in <head> part of your webpage and it provides a clear idea of what the page is about. A well written title tags may increase number of clicks and traffic. Title tag still is first thing in SERP.

Best Practice:

Each webpage should have unique title.

Title should be 50-60 characters long and between 600 to 700 pixels.

Put important keywords first but in natural manner.

Meta Description:

This is also placed in <head> of webpage and commonly display in SERP along with a title and url.

For example this is meta description for this article:

<meta name=”description” content=”SEO we tend to focus on optimizing efforts more than others. Link building is also most important thing to optimize.”/>

Meta description is not a ranking factor. It can help in click through rate and polish your brand in SERP.

Description occupies largest space in SERP.

Description impact number of clicks you may also improve CTR, decrease bounce rate if pages content fulfill promoses.

Best practice:

Give each page unique Meta description that clearly reflect true value.

Meta description length should be 150-160 characters long.

You can use keywords in Meta description but be careful to avoid keyword stuffing.

Use eye-catchy call-to-action term.

Heading Tag:

Heading tags are HTML tags used to identify heading and subheading in content.

H2-H6 tags are not as important to search engine, proper use of H1 tag is important in many industrial study.

Be Practice:

Keep your tag relevant with the text you are describing. They are not ranking factors it doesn’t mean search engine don’t count it.

Don’t overuse tags and keywords in them.

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