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Pizza ovens: What are the types, main characteristics?

Today, small restaurants and expensive restaurants are in great demand for pizza. However, if you decide to cook this delicacy yourself, not even in a regular oven, but in your summer cottage using your own handmade oven, then this article is for you.


After all, not everyone knows that real pizza is cooked at high temperatures in a special wood-burning oven. What is a real pizza oven and what material it is made of, I will tell you in this interesting article. With a Pompeii oven at home or in the country, you can always please yourself and your loved ones with delicious food.


Pizza is one of the most famous culinary dishes in the world.


Its history began around the 17th century, when there were chefs specializing in preparing food for Italian farmers. Subsequently, this dish gained the status of national dish in Italy.


The main types of pizza ovens


There are three most popular types of pizza ovens. At the same time, it should be remembered that in general, any oven can allow you to process not only pizza, but also other products. Therefore, with a limited budget and small space, you need to choose an oven so that you can use it to prepare dishes other than pizza if necessary.


Wood-fired pizza oven

The first and oldest type of oven used for baking pizza is a wood-burning stone oven or


The wood-fired pizza tastes very spicy. This is caused by smoke. The oven is suitable for wood, fuel briquettes or ordinary hardwood charcoal. More than one ton of products can be prepared in one day. Due to the high temperature in the oven, the pizza is ready in a few minutes. Of course, the shortcomings are also worth mentioning. Disadvantages-the great quality of the oven. Don’t forget the passage open to the fire, so you won’t move the stove in your room without dismantling it.


Gas ovens for cooking pizza

In modern pizzerias, you can often find deck ovens for pizza, because they are not inferior to wood-burning ovens in terms of the quality of baked products.


The name of the fireplace or gas fireplace comes from the fireplace-a ceramic fireplace is placed inside the stove, it is actually the main surface of the pizza. The basic operating principle of a flat-hearth furnace is very simple-heating elements are installed from below and above to heat the furnace to the desired temperature.


Electric ovens for baking pizza

This type of oven can be found in most places. They don’t need to spend any amazing money, they are easy to install and operate. The ovens are not heavy, you can move them from one place to another if needed. Experts say that if you have a small restaurant, pizzeria or coffee shop, it is best to buy only an electric oven. The pizza is baked in this oven for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the size and composition.

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