• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
Prosthetic Makeup-054d243f

Many of you would have come across the accidental scenes in movies, plays, web series, and other platforms. Have you ever wondered how such wounds, scars, blood distortion of body parts are being created? Let me increase your knowledge of the makeup genres.


These cuts, wounds, burn marks, distortion of body parts are the result of new generation prosthetics. Be it creating fine lines, wrinkles to make someone look older to giving cut marks, injuries, bleeding body parts it is all done by a prosthetic makeup artist. It is a very high-paying industry.


The roaring makeup industry provides a specialized career in prosthetic makeup. The demand for prosthetic makeup artists or special effects makeup artists is very high but the supply is limited.


This gap can be seen as an opportunity for those who aspire to build a career in the field of prosthetics and special effects makeup artistry. Shruti Kukreja is a Scandinavia Certified makeup artist from Europe.


She is a Delhi-based makeup artist. She has gained expertise in prosthetic makeup. By virtue of her high-fashion works and years of expertise, she is now the proud founder of SKMI. In this creation, she has shown accidental wounds and scars.


The look has been created using the latest techniques of prosthetic makeup. If you’re looking forward to building a career in this field then do check out the prosthetic makeup courses Shruti Kukreja is offering at her makeup academy, SKMI.

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