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Prosthetic Makeup | Special Effects Makeup

ByShruti Kukreja

Jan 30, 2021

Makeup is a blessing that can be used either way. Using makeup we can either beautify a human body to make it look like a goddess or we can use it to transform into a ghost. We come across several ghost figures, zombies, even half-eaten creatures in movies, these are all output of Special Effects (SFX) Makeup. SFX Makeup Artistry is a very recognized profession in India. It is the most chosen career option in the field of makeup after Beauty Makeup. Nowadays beauty professionals are easily available and are present in huge numbers in the industry. But there are very few prosthetic makeup artists and special effects makeup artists in the industry.


Best Prosthetic Makeup Artist in Delhi | Special Effects Makeup Artists

If you aspire to build a career in prosthetic makeup artistry or special effects makeup artistry then Shruti Kukreja is your one-stop solution. She is also known as the promoter of Prosthetics and Special Effects makeup artistry in Delhi. Shruti Kukreja has garnered her excellence in this field from the prestigious Makeup School in Scandinavia, Europe. After several years of her practice in Europe, she is striving to bring the latest techniques used in the field of face painting and Halloween makeup from all over the world to India.



There are numerous openings in the industry when it comes to prosthetic makeup and special effects makeup. These days the special effects makeup needs to extremely realistic and eye-popping. This genre of makeup not only provides specialized career option but also provides you the opportunity to showcase your artistic talent and entrepreneurial side. The prosthetic and special effects makeup genre has a wide scope in theatre, television, film & fashion industry, concept shoots with photographers, themed shows for designers, ramp makeup, and character events like Halloween to name a few. We can see the use of prosthetics and special effects makeup almost everywhere in the film and fashion industry. In other words, the demand for prosthetic makeup artists or special effects makeup artists is very high but the supply is limited. This gap can be seen as an opportunity for those who aspire to build a career in the field of prosthetics and special effects makeup artistry. 

The remuneration varies from person to person depending upon the skills and experience they possess. The remuneration of a makeup artist depends upon several factors such as the workplace, the industry or sector chosen, the weight of the projects they’re assigned, etc. At the start of the career, a makeup artist might not be paid as per the expectations. But as they proceed and continue to grow in this field they can easily earn 20-40k per day basis. 

Special effects makeup industry is a great choice for people with imaginative urges and who aren’t reluctant to experiment with their work. Give your passion, the professional touch with SKMI.

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