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Prosthetics is a new generation of makeup techniques, it also offers a specialized career opportunity. There are numerous openings in the industry when it comes to prosthetic makeup and special effects makeup. These days the special effects makeup needs to be extremely realistic and eye-popping. This genre of makeup not only provides a specialized career option but also provides you the opportunity to showcase your artistic talent and entrepreneurial side. By virtue of her high-fashion works and years of expertise, she is now the proud founder of SKMI. She aims to create awareness about Hollywood- inspired prosthetic makeup in India. Being the only prosthetic makeup artist in Delhi, she is seasoned with prosthetics, creature Marquette, sculpting, bridal makeup, and a lot more. She has also been recognized and featured by many media houses. The stitch mark creation of Shruti Kukreja might give you chills down your spine but don’t worry they are prosthetic ones. Prosthetic makeup creations must be realistic in order to attract the eyeballs of your audience. To such techniques and gain the hands-on experience you must learn from the best in the industry.  Shruti Kukreja is the answer to all your rising queries. Do check out the courses she is offering at her makeup academy, SKMI.

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