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Simple DIY ideas for decorations using flowers


There are a plethora of flowers in the world that have a unique color and shape. They use their colors and scents to trick insects into pollinating them.

There are more than twenty thousand species of orchids on the planet, and some of them are used for ornamentation because of their beautiful colors and scents. Ornamental flowers can help in reducing the stress of a person because they have lovely shades and designs.

Whenever you give blooms to someone, the person can be really happy, and this true happiness can be judged by his or her face. If you are living near to the person, you can personally visit the person and give the flowers, but if the person is far from you, then you can send flowers online. Flowers are usually given at marriages, birthday parties, anniversaries, and even at funerals, so the importance of flowers can not be neglected. They give flowers to express their emotions and feelings on these significant days.

 If you bring flowers to your house, then they can add liveliness to a place as these are living beings, and all the other decorative items are non-living like furniture, metallic things, and glass. You can have the feeling of belongingness to these blooms.

The natural color of these flowers complements the color of your house. There is also a bonus for you. If you beautify your place using blooms, then their scent will serve the purpose of room fresheners, which is not in the case of light bulbs and paper decorations.

Many people try to make artificial flowers using paper, but papers are made after cutting trees, and it takes several years to grow a tree. If you want to reuse old paper, then it is appropriate but using new paper is just a wastage of it. People should start valuing paper; otherwise, we will lose trees one day. Instead of making DIY using paper, one should try using original flowers and can add their creative ideas. Here are some basic ideas for decorating your place with blooms.

How to make hanging designs using flowers?

As it is a common saying that the first impression is the last impression, so you must decorate the doors of your house. Usually, people hang decorative items on each side of a door. With the help of a needle and thread, you can join flowers in two rows and hang them on the sides of the front gate of your house. You can combine flowers of different shades and make innovative patterns.

You can also put a leaf after each flower. For more creativity, you can even fold these leaves in different shades. This will make the main entrance of your house more appealing.

How to make garlands using flowers? 

On religious festivals, garlands of flowers are put in necks of sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. Most of these garlands are made of marigold flowers, as these are considered auspicious to be used in Hindu rituals.

You can save money by making these garlands at home because these can be expensive, especially during the festive season. With the help of a needle and thread, you can make garlands. The color of the thread should be according to the color of flowers as the thread of a different color can be visible.

If you are using the needle, then you must be careful that there should not be any pet or any kid near to you. These garlands can be prepared at home effortlessly. 

How to plant flowers in gorgeous pots?

If you want flowers in your house for a long time, then you can grow them in containers, and you should grow them in such a way that they can fully bloom on special occasions.

You can buy the pretty pots online along with ordering flowers because you can also order flowers through online flower delivery in Jaipur. You can also make pots from waste material at home. You can make the use of plastic bottles and plastic containers which you usually throw. You must recycle this plastic to make our environment healthy.

You should clean the bottles and cut them in design, which is easy for you to make. Next, you should rub the surface with sandpaper so as to make it rough. By doing this, paint can stick to the plastic easily and can remain for a long time.

Then, you can paint your bottle in your favorite color and design. Remember to make drainage holes in these homemade pots. Old shoes and old pairs of jeans can also be made to use as pots. Hanging pots are also available online, which are seen in those houses that have less space for gardening like in flats. Flowers look alluring in these hanging pots. 

How to make Rangoli designs using flowers? 

If you make rangoli designs on Diwali, then on this Diwali, try adding some flowers in your rangoli design. Marigold flowers and mango leaves are mainly used in Diwali. You can break the petals of Marigold and use them instead of rangoli colors.

Rangoli can be easily made if you first make the design using chalk on the floor. For better design, you can use petals of blooms of different colors. 

You can buy the blooms according to your taste. The decorations should also be according to the area and structure of your house.

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