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Sleeping in a tiled room


Jan 6, 2021

The inner sanctum of your abode, that is your bedroom wall, is a reflection of your imagination and personality as well as a canvas that portrays your perception. Your imagination may encapsulate a rustic décor of a wooden Texas ranch or a French marble palace or even something new that depicts your bond with nature and the conventional way for your walls to paint that is through tiles.

Since time immemorial interior décor has portrayed a sense of freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to be oneself and none can vary that a wall with the choice of your tiles can portray every aspect of the person you hold yourself to be.

Bedroom wall tiles should match your ‘personal wants’. After all, a bedroom or bedchamber is a personal space. A place where you are most vulnerable, a place where you can let your guard down.

So if you are convinced that the walls of your bedroom should tell a story then here is what you need to keep in mind while picking your poison.


Choosing the right one:

Just as a lounge chair would look out-of-place in a washroom similarly floor tiles placed on walls will be somewhat absurd, but not entirely inappropriate. People often choose floor tiles for their walls for an even flow of colour and texture throughout the room but one has to be careful not to get tiles too heavy for their walls. If you are in a bind and too indecisive then call for a professional.


Natural vs man-made:

If you want to dawn a nature’s look for your bedroom’s wall then stone wall tiles would be a good choice but manmade tiles, especially the ceramic ones, are deemed as perfect for their designs.

Manmade tiles are nigh perfect to adorn your kitchen and bathroom walls but choosing it for a bedroom will definitely be bold. Man-made tiles offer a range of choices in porcelain, ceramic, glass, quartz and mosaic.

Natural stone tiles offer a texture and design that cannot be replicated. The aesthetics look prolific and it turns your boudoir into a nature’s den. Marble, limestone, travertine and slate are a few that you can choose to decorate your bedroom with.


Keeping up with the trend:

The rustic New York exposed brick style has been back on the trendsetter list. People with studio apartments often go for this look. The exposed brick look is raw in nature and often reflects the owner’s bold and bristled personality.

Geometric tiles are also a huge hit among the millennials. Shapes and symmetry offer elegant designs that often outline a clean and minimalistic choice.

These are just some of the trends that seems to have taken home lovers and interior designers by a storm. If you want your bedroom to look modern and trendy, well start following.


Don’t let the wall be a barrier:

Choosing the wall is very important. The size and strength of the wall allows you to choose your tiles with ease. A small wall may need less number of tiles while a large one might need more. Similarly, a strong wall will not create a hindrance if thick tiles are chosen but they may not be a wise choice if the wall is tender.


Before you pick your tiles, you can choose to follow the above steps but this is just one of many. The reason to write such an article is to give you, the readers, an idea about what needs to be done before you hop in your car and go to the nearest hardware store.

Though in times like these it’s better to sit at home and browse through NEOM’s online tile store and go through the wide range of choices that they house. It’s pretty convenient and safe. Check out NEOM’s website and choose the tiles of your choice, because at the end of the day your house and the rooms inside it tell a story and what better way to write it than with tiles.

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