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The 9 Best Tricks to Discount Hotel Reservations

The 9 Best Tricks to Discount Hotel Reservations-1f77e9fe

Finding reasonable accommodation is not complicated if you look for several options. Sleeping for little money is easier with Knightsax. Use these tips to secure and enjoy discount hotel reservations.

The Best Tricks To discount hotel reservations

Do not expect 50% coupons or almost free rooms: that does not exist! But by following these tips and recommendations, you will be able to enjoy even lower prices and better conditions than the rest of the mortals. Let’s go there!

Become a Member

Members are those who have made a minimum number of reservations. It can entitle you to:

  • Discounts on room rates
  • Free breakfasts
  • Upgrade to a higher category
  • Free parking
  • Late check-out
  • Welcome gift

Membership is essential to get extra discounts. Being a member is very important! Directly you will be able to enjoy all these advantages and indirectly others that we will tell you about below.

Ninja Trick to be a member, you have to make a minimum number of RESERVATIONS. If you go on vacation for a week, you can make 5 one-day bookings to get discount hotel reservations.

How To Upgrade The Category Of The Room

Upgrading the category of the room you have booked is very easy. You have 2 options:

When you search for a hotel, check the logo is on the hotel file. 

You will have to try a little more for the second option: ask to be upgraded! This is how it works: hotels know before you arrive if you are a Member or not, and they are interested that guests use the platform a lot and are happy because they know that they are profiles that they usually recommend and speak well of the hotel.

Asking to be upgraded and getting it is easier than you think. Other times the hotel upgrades without problems if there were no reservations in the superior rooms. It is clear that, against the virtue of asking, there is the virtue of not giving!

Get an Extra 10% or 15% Discount.

The 10% or 15% extra discount on the rate is obtained from the entrance—that easy.

In other words, it is not a refund or the like, but a discount that appears on the card of each hotel. Try it. It might be helpful for you.

Additional Extra Discounts

What does this translate to? In… additional discounts! If you are a member, you have a lot of programs that may interest you. 

Tips for Booking discount hotel reservations

Although the discounts offered by some of these companies are striking, we do not recommend becoming a client of them just for the benefits they bring. Why?

Basic, low prices within low prices!

It is a more or less recent initiative that has released super low rates for specific hotels. They are rates used by wholesalers (travel agencies) to resell hotel nights to “classic” customers.

  • This advantage has its counterparts, obviously:
  • The reservation cannot be canceled
  • Payment in advance
  • No changes can be made
  • Breakfast not included
  • Change of room not included

New Hotels

Today many hotels were affiliated a long time ago. But many others do not have opinions because they have only recently opened or did not use the booking portal.

These hotels are “desperate” to get good opinions from their guests, so we recommend the following:

  • Choose the hotel that you like the most, filtering by opinions and ordering the results from the least to the most number of views.
  • Check that the hotel rate is reasonable or low. Remember that they need people like you, not the other way around.
  • Contact the hotel to ask for a discount, politely. Remember, this is about getting a value, not behaving like The Godfather using profanity or coercion!

This usually works from time to time. 

Minimum Price Guarantee

The Minimum Price Guarantee is a classic. It means that, no matter what you paid, the site will pay you the difference if you find a lower price.

Complain if you don’t like something

It would not be the first time a hotel has not lived up to its standards, has not responded to a complaint, or met expectations.

In this case, claiming at the hotel and the booking site is very important. This stage lives from you and all of us. That is why they have super attentive customer service, and they will attend to your complaint as it deserves. In most cases, the blood will not reach the river, and the hotel will lose its soul for making you a guest.

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