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The Benefits of Factory Automation Systems

In the rapidly developing global environment, automation is a renowned word we often hear. Automated systems in factories have pushed the power of outsourcing and production to a level where the world currently runs on a demand-based supply system. It’s far easier to set up a successful business today than it was 10 years ago. Factory automation adds value to your business and helps in upscaling your business quickly.

solutions in India, bring a new wave of Factory automation systems that can help you and your business upscale quickly. Factory Automation system can change the way you run your business. Rapid upscaling, quality control and quick deployment are just a few of the perks. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of automating your factory!

1. Cost Savings

By automating the systems at your factory, you can lower your operational costs significantly. Manual systems are reliable and good; however, they are often cumbersome to operate as well.  Factory Automationsystem take up a tenth of the space of older systems and deliver better and more powerful operation capacity. This means you get to replace multiple manual systems with a single FA system to achieve the same level of productivity. It reduces costs for your business by a hefty margin.

2. Worker Safety is Improved

Operating manual systems is cumbersome as we mentioned before. However, it has a larger impact on outcome. Manual systems tend to exhaust workers much faster. However, automation system eliminates this problem from your production cycles. Factory automation is one of the best ways to ensure high quality as it reduces worker stress by significant margins. Additionally, this keeps the morale and motivation in your organization boosted.

3. Factory Lead Time Improvement

If your business functions in a rapid environment, then Factory Automation Systems are the perfect fix for you. With MitsubishiElectric India’s high-powered FA systems that focus on quality and accuracy, you can match your supply to your demand. These next generation systems help you implement agile and lean systems seamlessly into your factory. Precision quality engineering is the forte of such systems and can help you automate the most complex processes with ease. Thus, using FA systemscan help your products reach your customers quicker and better.

4. ROI is Maximized

From the management’s POV, ROI is an essential factor of keeping the business profitable. If you’ve been trying to find new ways to enhance the efficiency of your business, then automation is the way to go. These systems offer quick ROI due to their immense capabilities that enhance productivity and quality for your business.

6. Easy Interactions

A very common notion included with automation is the prospect of workers losing their jobs. However, with Mitsubishi Electric India’s system, this isn’t a likely scenario. These systems are made with ease of access in mind. Your workers don’t require any knowledge of coding to operate the same. Upskilling your workforce becomes cheaper as a result of this and also helps you keep trusted employees with the business.

Human machine interaction interfaces developed by Mitsubishi Electric Indiaare easy to use. Your workers need functional knowledge of the processes to successfully operate the same. They can quickly view charts, KPIs, risks, etc. and make sound judgements. Additionally, due to the enhanced memory available on these machines, workers can store best practices and deploy them on a requirement-basis.

7. Sustainable Machines

The efficiency and productivity which we receive through automation is much more when compared to the productivity given out by the manual efforts. Automation systems suit the role much better. Due to their low energy requirement and immense capacity, these systems are obvious choices when it comes to enhancing your environmental footprint.

8. Eases the Planning Process

Good automation systems are versatile and can be mixed and matched with multiple processes at a go. Thus, they ease your planning process significantly. You can estimate your production output, material requirements, costs, etc. accurately. Additionally, procurement and deployment planning becomebreeze due to the lack of uncertainty in your operations. Thus, you can accurately program production cycles and cycle run times. Maintenance and down times become easier to manage as well.

9. Outsourcing is reduced

When you implement factory automation systems into the operations of your organization, the need for outsourcing is automatically reduced.

The repetitive tasks can be performed by the machines making the work process more efficient and productive. In this scenario you can cut back on outsourcing other tasks of your factory and conduct them in-house. Additionally, you can maximize your labor output too. Since automation system  enhance the labour productivity, your workers can diversify their fields of operations.

This helps with two things:

  • The overall expansion of your factory
  • Enhancing the functional knowledge of your company’s manpower

10. Floor Space Utilization is Maximum

Mitsubishi ElectricIndia brings in a compact set of units for your business. These compact units help in saving major amounts of floor space. This means you can redesign your factory set up for quicker movement and deployment. The small cut backs in process times can result in a major improvement in your factory’s output. This gives your business the chance to upscale rapidly.

Thus, automation systems can be extremely beneficial to your business processes. They help in enhancing the overall capacity of your factories and also instill a certain level of quality consistency. With Mitsubishi ElectricIndia’s  FA Systems, you can access Human-Machine Interaction to a new level as well. This significantly enhances how well your business performs and allows for better and smoother frameworks to be instilled into your company. Thus, check out the available systems offered by and find yourself some of the best ones that can be used. Better systems ensure better results. They can enhance your consumer experience and help build a better brand image for yourself!


1. Why Mitsubishi Electric India?

Mitsubishi Electric India is an electrical and electronics company whose headquarters are based out of Japan. Their factory automation system range is one of its kind and can help small businesses upscale rapidly. Additionally, the brand’s principle is to deliver sustainable systems that work in the long term.










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