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The Only Ceramic Tile Cleaning Guide You Will Ever Need


Ceramic tiles are nothing less than magic. These tiles give you everything you love about other flooring surfaces and none of their cons. You get the royal appeal of marble, the visual warmth of hardwood, at a fraction of their actual cost. Plus, the maintenance of these tiles is the easiest when compared to the flooring options mentioned above. Ceramic tiles are water-resistant, scratch-proof and stain-resistant which makes them an ideal choice for homes and offices.

In this article, we will learn about keeping these tiles clean and retain their luster for years. So whether you are planning to clean bathroom floor tiles or living room wall tiles, this guide will come in handy for sure.

Easy Day to Day Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are low-maintenance, both effort-wise as well as money-wise. Unlike other traditional surface materials, ceramic tiles are:

  • 100% non-porous – It means moisture and water have no impact on these tiles.
  • Resistant to staining – From kitchen spills to soap residue in the bathroom, ceramic tiles are resistant to all kinds of stains.
  • Resistant to scratches, dents, and scrapes.
  • Inhospitable to microbes – Ceramic tiles are completely mad-made which means that the surface doesn’t support any kind of microbe growth including bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Fade-resistant – Colors and designs are fired into the tiles’ body which means they do not fade under direct sunlight or with time.


Extremely easy to clean

As mentioned earlier, ceramic tiles are the simplest to clean and maintain. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to get a shiny tile surface.

  • Sweep
    As you might have guessed; no cleaning is complete with simple sweeping. It removes solid dust and dirt particles off the surface. If you are using a rug or carpet, make sure to dust the rugs outside thoroughly. On ceramic tiles countertop, clean away all the crumbs and other dust particles with a soft brush. Once you are done with sweeping, you can move on to the next steps.
  • Use a mop
    Once thoroughly swept, you should clean the surface with a soft cloth and clear water. As mentioned, ceramic is non-porous, water won’t have any negative impact on the surface. However, you must always dry the surface to avoid any slipping accident.



  • Use a cleaning solution

Sometimes, water is not just enough to clean the surface. It might be an oily spill in the kitchen or greasy soap accumulation in bathroom corners, to clean these you might need a cleaning solution. Now, there are a lot of cleaners available in the market. To find the right for your floor, let us introduce you to the basics of cleaners.

Types of Tile and Grout Cleaners

  • Alkaline Cleaners
    These cleaners have a higher pH value (12) and are ideal for greasy stains. These cleaners while gives you clean tiles instantly, these must not be used regularly. Make sure you wash away the alkaline cleaner once it has done its work.
  • Acidic Cleaners
    Like alkaline cleaners, acidic cleaners must be used with the utmost care and not frequently. They must only be used only on the stained area and not throughout the surface.


Given the current CIVID-19 pandemic situation, disinfecting homes have become more essential than ever. Thankfully, harsh chemicals used in disinfectants don’t harm ceramic surfaces. You can buy any disinfecting solution recommended by your tiles expert.


So, this is everything you need to know about ceramic tiles cleaning. By now you must have observed that tiles quality matters a lot as it might require some chemicals in keeping them clean. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you buy high-quality tiles from a reputed ceramic tiles manufacturer. NEOM is one such brand that offers tiles that follow the highest quality standards. These tiles are made in world-class facilities with the best possible raw materials. Apart from the build quality, NEOM pays a lot of attention to the design part as well. They have some exquisite designs in their collection that you can check at a dealership near you or at their website.

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