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Thinking of Going Monochrome for Your Kitchen & Bathroom? Here’s What You Should Know.

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A great personality has rightly said that styles may come and go, but monochrome is forever! It’s timeless and classic yet chic and stylish. While you may go and get the trendy look for your home, it will always be short-lived since trends change and people’s preferences change too with time. What you may find interesting and appealing today, you may find it bland and boring tomorrow. But with monochrome nothing changes and it’s always great. That’s why monochrome tiles are ideal to add style and spirit to your home and any room, in particular, like kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.


To create a stunning monochrome look – what matters the most is – laying the modern tiles in a creative way that makes a striking contrasting scheme. Generally, the combination of black and white is preferred to create a vibrant and classy effect.


How to Create a Monochrome Look in the Kitchen and Bathroom?


Kitchen is a heavy traffic area and is more prone to damage, wear and tear. So, it’s advisable to use dark-floored tiles like black tiles on the kitchen flooring. It will help you cover the stains and muddy footprints. You can also use black tiles on kitchen units/worktops and a feature wall.


To add some drama in your kitchen, you can add a splashback in black tiles. Or, if you want to create a clean and bright look, you can try adding a splashback in white tiles.


To create a visually-appealing monochrome look in the bathroom, you can use black units, blinds and tiles. There are various combinations you can go for like using white wall tiles as against black floor tiles or use black tiles around the bathing area to create a dramatic contrast to the white bathroom walls. The options are endless! You can even go on to enhance the beauty of your favourite spot by creating a feature wall right behind it.


You can also use modern tiles of different shapes, sizes and texture to enhance your monochrome look. From slab tiles to super slim tiles, you can use any tile to elegantly design your kitchen or bathroom space.


If you are up for experimenting!


These days, people are using another colour instead of black like brown, green, etc. based on the colour of their furniture and surroundings. If you want to experiment a little, we would advise you to go for dark colours instead of black to style in such a way that best compliments the setting of your room. You can use these dark-coloured tiles against the white backdrop to create a stunning piece of architecture.


Use mosaic tiles to create a dramatic effect.


If you want to add a splash of colour in your monochrome look, then go for mosaic tiles. They will not only help you create drama in your room but also are a great way to add warmth and contrast. They come in various shapes and sizes for you to deck up your room in a grand way.


The best tiles create the best effect.


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