• Sun. Dec 4th, 2022
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If you want to relocate safely and smoothly from one city another without the assistance of professional packers and movers in India then follow the following tips: –

Get rid of useless goods

The goods you think are not useful for you should be discarded. You can get rid of the things like old clothes that don’t fit you anymore, broken furniture, etc. This will help in making the packing process easier for you as well as reduce the packers and movers charges.

Categorize the goods

After making the list of the goods, categorize them into three different sections – what to keep, what to sell and what to donate. You can give the goods to your friends or relatives if they need them or you can sell them to make some money which you can spend on your moving expenses. The goods like your old clothes, plants, artifacts or any other thing that you don’t use can be donated to someone who needs this.

Create packing to-do-list

Make a to-do-list of what to pack and when to pack. Start from the goods with least use. The goods that will be used by you till the very last day should be packed on the moving day. Start packing the goods from guest room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and then kitchen. So, plan everything and make weeks-by-weeks to-do-list and make sure you will complete all the tasks within the planned time period.

Arrange boxes

For packing your stuff you will need boxes. So, arrange all the types of boxes that you will be required to pack your household stuff. At market you will find lots of boxes made of different materials and you have to buy the right one for your goods like carton boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, rigid boxes, etc. Apart from this you will also require different packaging materials like plastic wrap, bubble wrap, packing tapes and other packing tools.

Use small boxes for heavy items

Pack heavy items in a small box and the light weight goods in a large box. This way you can easily lift up the boxes. And make sure to not to overload the boxes not more than 30 pounds for each boxes.

Protect fragile items with bubble wrap or blankets

Packing the fragile items is very much risky, even a single mistake can cost you a lot hence, you need to be very careful while packing the fragile items. To prevent them from damages use bubble wrap. In case you don’t want to spend too much on bubble wrap then you can use your small blankets or old towels to pack the fragile items. This way you will pack the two items together can save time.

Click the picture of your electronics

While disassembling the electronic items you must click pictures of it. This will help you while reassembling them at your new home. With the pictures you can know which wire will go to which code, etc.

Label the boxes

Labeling your boxes help you to unpack the specific goods you will need immediately after moving into your new house. In fact this will also alert to handle with care to the person who is handling it.

Pack a personal overnight bag

Ask each member of your family to pack an essential bag. The bag should carry their personal belongings and essentials like toothbrush, towel, clothes, medicines, etc. This will help you all to survive first few days in your new house.

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