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Tips To Mow Your Lawns Faster

Here are six tips that will help you mow your lawn faster and keep your grass in better condition.


When it comes to maintaining your lawn, mowing is not as simple as starting up your mower and moving it about the yard. Here are some pointers to keep in mind if you want to make mowing your lawn less of a chore and ensure that the grass grows better by performing right lawn mowing in Parkdale, lawn mowing in Highett, and lawn mowing in Oakleigh /south.



Here are six tips that will help you mow your lawn faster and keep your grass in better condition.


1. Make sure you give yourself enough time to mow.


When making improvements that may affect huge swaths of space, you need to consider mowing. This is especially important if you are building a landscape from scratch. This indicates that you should first determine how much grass you are willing to cut, and then create features that will make it easier for you to cut the grass. Take, for instance:


Create the outside space in the form of a roughly symmetrical rectangle or oval, minimizing the number of corners and passageways.


If you want to avoid having to mow around fixed objects such as benches and other features, place them on the edge of the lawn.


Remove any low branches that are interfering with your ability to mow beneath the trees, or use a ground cover in that space instead.


2. Reduce it by a third.


Mow the grass a sufficient number of times such that each time you cut it, you only take the top one-third of the grass blades.


When the grass reaches eight centimeters in height, you should mow it even though the ideal height for the type of grass you have is five centimeters.


If the lawn goes out of control, you should either install a bag on your mower or rake the grass clippings that have accumulated. They are wonderful for use as mulch in various areas of the yard.


3. Double duties


If the grass grows too long, for example, while you are away on vacation or during extended periods of inclement weather, another alternative is to mow it twice in one cutting session.


First, cut your grass with the mower blade set to its highest setting; then, a few days later, trim your lawn again, this time with the blade set to its lowest position.


4. When cutting grass on a slope,


Always make your cuts in a direction that is perpendicular to the incline while you are mowing a slope.


Not only is it tiresome, but it may also be unsafe to push a walk-behind mower uphill while simultaneously restraining it as it goes downward.


Investigate other options, such as planting ground coverings or spreading bushes on the sloped parts of your lawn, and see if any of these work for you.


If you have established grass on a slope, you might want to think about leaving it alone rather than mowing it. You could realize that you like the way it looks all billowy and windblown. Just make sure that it won’t be an eyesore for the neighborhood.


5. You should only cut dead grass.


When the grass is still wet, you shouldn’t mow it. The cuts are going to be sloppy, and the clippings are going to clump together and produce clods that are going to suffocate the grass.




Wet grass can also cause the mower to become clogged, and it creates a sticky mess around the blade of the mower. In addition to this, the ground is slick, which makes mowing wet grass a hazardous activity in and of itself.


6. Mow the grass a little higher now and again.


When the grass is under stress, whether from heat or drought, raise the cutting height.


Growing grass with longer blades encourages the development of deeper roots and helps to keep the plant crowns cool.


Cutting the plant too short reduces its resilience to disease and makes it easier for weed seeds to grow by increasing the amount of light that can penetrate the soil.


Also, raise the cutting height toward the end of the season, when the grass growth has slowed down.


When they still have some blade growth above their crowns, lawn grasses are better able to resist the harsh winter weather.


In the spring, when the weather is mild and the grass is growing quickly, you should cut the grass shorter than you would at other times of the year.


Trim the grass that is shaded to make it grow faster by keeping it cut shorter.


These tips by Jim’s Mowing and Garden Care Service will help you in lawn mowing in Parkdale, lawn mowing in Highett, and lawn mowing in Oakleigh South. These lawn mowing ideas are best to help you with faster lawn mowing and healthier teeth. 

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