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Utility + Beauty: never happens with a tractor you say?


Jun 18, 2020

It’s an age-old question. “Do I buy something that just ‘looks good’ or do I invest in something that’ll make more sense in the long term?” A question that’s asked often, especially as far as long-term investments are concerned. Since most consumers are shelling out huge amounts of money with the intent to make said purchase last for at least 5-10 years, it is a very important consideration to make. However, more importantly than debating on the merits of each side of the argument, what people really need is a solution, an answer to this, maybe literally, million dollar question.


To begin with, let’s illustrate the whole scenario with an example. When talking about looks versus usage, the first that many people might think of, and experience first-hand, are cars. The urge to spend on a sports car that offers high speeds and great looks might be a cause for countless selfies, but not always a road trip with your best buddies! On the other hand, there are cars that might not look as sporty or go as fast, but do offer its customers with a stable product with features that are meant to be used on a daily basis. As a result, consumers looking to make purchases and struggling with the beauty vs utility enigma try to strike a balance. A balance between aesthetic and long-term use, a phenomenon manufacturers across the globe are realising as they work to fulfill this exact demand year after year. But, what about something that’s perhaps more important, like agriculture. Can consumers face a similar dilemma there, and if so, are manufacturers of agricultural equipment looking to meet said requirements in a similar fashion as the automotive industry?


To answer this question, one only needs to take a look at Digitrac. It’s a subsidy of the Escorts group that manufactures tractor models, implements and attachments, all of which are directly sold to consumers by the company online. The area where they truly excel that’s important here is the variety of colours in their tractors. With the latest tractor models in India giving farmers great options like the ability to buy tractor on loan, tractor repairs and a second-hand price calculator, there is no question of how appealing their products are. Add to that the fact that with unique add-ons for each of their tractors, the options of farmers are truly endless!

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