Often while designing our home or workplace interior, we keep the part of wall décor as the last part of the task. For most of us, the wall is the least important thing. However, experts would state that wall décor is a very, if not most, essential part of interior designing. A perfectly designed wall of our home can turn out to be the quintessential part of the space. Adding paintings to the wall is a more elegant way of styling the space rather than stuffing it with furniture.

How to embellish walls?

Here are few forms of artwork to embellish your wall with:

  • Portraits: Illustrates a human subject.
  • Landscape: Emphasis on nature-inspired subjects.
  • Doodles: Belonging to the genre of fun-filled scribbling artworks.
  • Abstract: Thought-provoking, breaking away from traditional art forms.
  • Contemporary: Reinvention of perceptions is the theme of such forms.
  • Storytelling: The art of storytelling through a piece of painting.

The Need for Rural Paintings in your Room

Among these, if your purpose is to create a rustic feel to the interior, you can always choose the belle of village life painting. A painting that exhibits the basic simple living of rural lifestyle is an appealing art form from time immemorial. It can add that unmatched aesthetic value to your dwelling. Let’s see some reasons why we should buy a village painting for our wall décor:


  • Vibrant color palette:


Rural areas are all about vibrant contrasts of blues and greens. The color palette of earthy elements can be more attractive than artificial colors. Moreover, if it is an Indian village, the color combination can be even more enjoyable with rural women dressing up in all kinds of colorful fabric and jewelry. This gives an instant wash of colors to your room.


  • Primary focal point


Any wall art creates a focal point, but a painting closer to nature draws more attention. This is due to our natural senses of getting attached to any kind of natural element. Artworks based on village landscapes or any other village scene can serve the purpose of creating a focal point.


  • Creates a sense of texture


Add a few paintings here and there or in a particular order. You will notice that they have induced a sense of texture all around the space.  A variety of different mediums can be brought in to create the textured feel. Watercolor, oil, charcoal paintings are some of such variations. This extra added texture adds the much desired visual weightage to your interiors. 


  • Affordable and readily available


While other paintings go to a higher monetary value, village paintings usually settle for lower prices. You can buy them online from different eCommerce portals. Or get knowledge of the places where they sell local art and handicrafts. That way, it is much easier to get these paintings at a lower price.


For ages, wall embellishment with artwork has been an ‘in-thing to do. Especially, nature or rural area-inspired paintings give the right shade of beauteousness. That way, you and your house both are liable to receive compliments.