First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way. There is absolutely no better substitute to hydrate the body than water. And that is not only due to its availability, but also the countless essential nutrients clean, hygienic drinking water provides us with. However, there are some little things that warrant a need for an alternative. Again, it is no substitute, but something that can crave thirst, while providing our body with some quality nutrition. On top of that, if it is derived from mother nature, even better.

So, can you think of any such alternative? Well, if you are thinking about fruits and fruit juices, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. However, we are looking for an alternative for drinking water, aren’t we. Wouldn’t it be better that the time taken from getting the water in the first place to actually drinking it be as minimal as possible? Creating the necessary amount of juice from fruits (even in the most natural way) would take up a ton of time. Out of guesses? Well, the water alternative we are looking for here is coconut water. Something that’s available throughout the year and in fair abundance (especially in a country like India).

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