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What is preventing crawling and indexing method in search engine optimization?


Jun 1, 2020

Search engine crawl number of pages every day but fewer pages index by search engine. And if we talk about search engine results, is display fewer pages than index. So how to take control crawling and the whole process to improve your website ranking in search engine.

First we need to know how crawling works, it will help to understand the process.

The task of a crawler of search engine to find and crawl the pages.  If there is new content there, crawler will crawl these urls. After crawling it pass the result to indexer. Search engine can’t rank the pages that it have not crawl.

Indexer get urls from crawlers and then process of indexing begins. Indexer analyze the urls like is javascript, j-query etc. Indexer then analyze the authority of the url and canonicalized urls. The pages allowed in search result are indexable pages.

How to take control over crawling:

There are many methods of preventing to crawl pages. Blocking pages via Robots.txt is a primary method and to save time than hiding anything. Just type the instruction in robots.txt file and stop crawling pages in search engine. Robots.txt provide basic ground rules for crawler. If you want not to crawl pages, this is a best way. If crawler will not allow to crawl the url, indexer will not be able to analyze the content. Thus the url will never be able to rank in search engine. By using Robots.txt, you can tell search engine not to crawl the pages of the website.

By disallow the directive search engine drop the pages from index. So you can stop the pages that seen in search engine.

User disallow meta tag and use url removal tool. And in Robots.txt use noindex directive.

User-agent: googlebot

Noindex: /login.php

Disallow: /login.php

Note that the url which are disallowed will not appear in search result in search engine.

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