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What Makes Responsive Web Design So Interesting?

ByTyler Worgan

Feb 25, 2022

Responsive design has been perhaps the most overused term in the world. Is the concept of having a responsive website for your company worth the hype? Let’s analyse responsive web designing.

What is Responsive Website Designing?

It is a form of web design that doesn’t generate two identical versions of the

same website (a mobile and a desktop version). Instead, responsive websites

formulate a single web page with the same URL and HTML that can adapt to

adjust itself to different types of devices. So, essentially it is a website that is

designed to load effectively on all devices. Here are some benefits of having a

responsive web design for your website –

Search Engines Back Websites with Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites are more useful to Google’s algorithm. It doesn’t require

them to alter their search results for a single website. For instance, if you search

for a website that is responsive, only one search result is suitable on all devices.

Allocating precise indexing for every website becomes easier for them.

Consequently, search engine results for such responsive websites are also

ranked higher. Google has been consistent in its stance of advocating the use of

responsive website design and development for business website.

Embracing responsive design makes it easier for search engine algorithms to

index websites, which in turn reinforces the online presence of these websites.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of both the companies and the search engine

websites like Google as generating more traffic from all devices becomes easier.

No Negative Effect on Loading Time

This framework for responsive websites is extremely efficient. It makes way for

quicker and more comfortable user experience of browsing. It does not

guarantee efficient loading of website pages on device screens that have less

resolution. Hence the website inherently responds with equivalent time

limitations even if the web content is miniscule. The essence of responsive

websites is that it does not affect load time of a website at all. Depending on the

number of images on a web page (image compressing is highly recommended)

the load time may vary but overall, responsive web design frameworks have a

positive effect on average load time.

Huge Impact on SEO Campaigns

Responsive website design diminishes the need for companies to invest in

separate web development just for mobile devices. This specific approach that

centres on the notion of a ‘one development plan for all devices’ is inherently

more result-based and economical. Additionally, it diminishes the need for

taking part in various SEO campaigns just to target users who may use different

devices to gain access to your website.

Responsive website design is undoubtedly the latest web development trend that

companies must adapt to in order to stay modernistic and relevant in their online

commercial approach. To know more about how responsive web design can

benefit your company, get in touch with some of the best Digital marketing experts Sydney. They will let you know all the different nuances of creating

a responsive website.

How Important Are Images for Your Landing Page?

What is the sole purpose of creating landing pages? The obvious answer is, to

convert visitors into customers. Hence, you must make sure that every element

of the landing page including the images is there for a good reason. Here’s why

images are so important for landing pages –

Adds Tangibility to the Transaction

Users want to see a product before they consider buying it. This is why landing

pages must have images of the product. Even in cases of products that are not

necessarily photogenic, putting their pictures on the landing page is really

important. For instance, software selling companies often feature highly edited

virtual images of software packages, often putting them on store shelves just so

the transaction seems more real.

Images have an Impact on Emotions

The whole world knows that consumers purchase goods based on their

emotions. They may try to justify their purchasing habits with logic but overall

emotions play a huge part. Images on a landing page can help businesses

generate constructive emotions that make the visitors want to do business with

the company. How many times have we seen images of happy mothers and

smiling children being used to sell children’s products?

Trust and Brand Building

One of the chief barriers for ecommerce websites is the issue of building trust in

the minds of the consumers. Since consumers don’t get the chance to walk into

an actual store to see if the people they’re buying from are a legitimate business,

right up till the point of delivery the question lingers –

“Can I trust this ecommerce website?”

Images help in alleviating this doubt by showing the customer the range of

products the company sells, helping in creating a positive attitude for the brand.

To know more about creating convincing landing page images click here.

Experts will help you build awesome landing page images that sell.

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