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What’s trending in tiles in 2020?


Sep 3, 2020 ,

2020 is a year like no other. The world witnessed events and read headlines that took place for the first time. However, as far as the trends of tiles are concerned the world saw quite exciting ones. Tiles are not just decorating pieces anymore. Some tile designs represent the personality and taste of the homeowner. Some define the structure of space and some impart a whole new aura to a room. With thousands of designs and patterns available, choosing tiles for home is a herculean task. And the new trends that keep on coming and going make it even difficult. But don’t worry. We have curated top trends of tiles that came with 2020 and hopefully are here to stay. Here it goes: 


Endless shades of grey

2020 is the color of minimalism, and what radiates minimalism more than the color grey. This color exudes warmth and sophistication. Mixed with shades of beige and coral, grey aesthetics can truly breathe magic into any space. These colors look even fabulous in ceramic tiles. Whether it is a kitchen or a living room, grey glazed tiles can make any space more appealing. It will be exciting to see what other fusions of color grey the year 2020 has in its store. 


Add a touch of realism with lifelike tiles

Technology has opened a whole new world of possibilities for ceramic tiles manufacturers. They can now create patterns and designs that were unheard and unseen a few years back. The accuracy of colors and the uniqueness of designs are better than ever. It is because of these technological advancements we have a category called lifelike tiles. You can find tiles that look exactly like traditional stone and wood. Tile with stone print looks perfect in the kitchen. Moreover, distressed looks come out more realistic than over in 2020. The interplay of scrapes, burns, and wormholes patterns gives a unique character to these tiles.

In the year 2020, these tiles are surely going to rule the market, thanks to fine detailing and extraordinary textures. Recreating natural patterns and inventing the new ones, the trend of lifelike tiles is here to stay. Another major benefit that comes with these tiles is their pocket-friendliness. 


Never-seen shapes, patterns, and layouts

No year has seen experimentation with shapes and patterns in tiles as the year 2020. And if you have an uncommon decoration idea in your mind, 2020 is the year to try this. Unusual patterns and getting creative with the width of the tiles are some design innovations that are going to get popular this year, be it the bathroom, kitchen, or the living room.

This is the year to go bold with black floor tiles to add glamour and sass to the living room.

Geometric tiles will retain their crown of ‘everyone’s favorite tiles’ in 2020 too. Go with psychedelic patterns or suppressed accents in ceramic tiles or the vibrancy of colorful mosaic tiles. 


Make it big

There is another trend in tiles that are arising to the top – large format tiles. Large ceramic tiles look wonderful in both commercial and living spaces. XL tiles available in both solid colors and patterns bring out the oomph factor of every space. They make spaces look big and royal.


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