They say that there is a unique liquor for every occasion. Some suit a romantic setting the best, perhaps a dinner date with your significant other. Some suit a more social setting better, like a grand reunion with your long-lost friends. But in all this very specific place for each and every time of liquor, in a world where people have divided what different kinds of enjoyment mean, where is the place for a glass of whiskey? Well, whiskey can be wherever you want it to be. Whiskey is a drink of the heart, meant for the soul. From endless conversations to silent ponderings, a glass of palm beach whisky can accompany, and even ignite, any one of them!

That is the very spirit which fuels CDL, i.e., Chhattisgarh Distillery Limited, an Indian liquor brand who’s sole mission is to make international quality liquor right on the Indian soil. Offering many products ranging from Goa special whisky to the Red Indian Rum, it has grown to become one of the premier distilleries in India, offering branded alcohol in India for one of the very first times since 1988.

This is the kind of single-minded effort and love for the craft of making fine liquor that has made it one of the best Indian Whisky Brands. So for if you are looking for a drop of spirit in your soul, make to check out CDL. A distillery dedicated to making India’s no. one whiskey that downs in the passion of not only wanting to be one of the best Chattisgarh alcohol brands, but one of the best liquor brands in India, period.